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Phonak CROS II BTE / CROS B Hearing Aids


Launched in 2015 and is designed for people who only have hearing in one of their ears.

3 Year Warranty Included

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Details & Features

Phonak CROS II (BTE) / CROS B Hearing Aids

The Phonak CROS II BTE was launched in 2015 and is designed for people who only have a hearing in one of their ears. Available as the CROS or BICROS system, it is suitable whether you have perfect hearing in your good ear or if you have a hearing loss in that ear as well. CROS stands for Contralateral Routing Of Signal and refers to the way the sound is transmitted from one ear to the other.

CROS – For those who have no hearing loss in their good ear
This system works by placing a transmitter in your non-hearing ear to pick up the sound. This then wirelessly sends the sounds to a device in your normal hearing ear while maintaining a natural sound.

BICROS – For those who also have a hearing loss in their hearing ear
If you also have a hearing loss in your other ear, the BICROS system will work in exactly the same way as the CROS but the receiving hearing aid will also manage the hearing loss in this ear.
This system is available as a standard BTE (Behind the Ear) or in Phonak's new RIC (Receiver in the canal) model.

The Phonak CROS system can be paired with any wireless capable Phonak hearing aid in the new Venture range.
As they are wirelessly capable, they can be connected to a number of Phonak wireless accessories. These accessories include.

• Phonak Compilot – Streamer is worn around the neck
• Phonak TV Link S – Tv transmitter/compilot charger
• Phonak Mypilot – One touch display screen remote control
• Phonak PilotOne – Basic remote control

Any additional features would depend on the model of hearing aid you choose to pair with your CROS system. 

Pricing for CROS and BICROS aids can be a bit confusing. You need both sides which are priced separately. Some examples:

CROS II BTE £695 with Audeo B30 £695 = £1390

CROS II BTE £695 with Audeo B50 £1095 = £1790

CROS II BTE £695 with Audeo B70 £1395 = £2090

CROS II BTE £695 with Audeo B90 £1695 = £2390

Customer Notice about the Phonak CROS II BTE -

Price valid if fitted with another hearing aid purchased from ourselves. If the CROS unit is to be fitted to an existing hearing aid then there will be an additional £250 fee for the fitting and ongoing aftercare.

What it looks like

Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

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