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Phonak Marvel 2.0 | Audeo / M30 / M30-R / Naida / Virto Black Hearing Aids

Marvel 2.0 | M30 / M30-R / Naida / Virto Black

Price Each £1195 | Price Pair £2095

Behind the Ear & In the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC, BTE, ITE

4 Year Warranty Included. Rechargeable version is an additional £50 per aid.

Technology rating

Our price £1195

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Details & Features

Phonak Marvel Audeo M30 | M30-R | Naida | Virto Black Hearing Aids

Available in:  BTE, RIC, ITE      

|  August 2020 Update:  The Marvel is now superseded by the Phonak Paradise model.  Please note that this excludes the Virto Black and Naida model in this range. 

|  May 2020 Update:  Phonak launched an updated Naida and another addition to their famous Marvel family - the Virto Black.  A new custom-made ITE hearing aid including the Marvel platform, innovative Bluetooth streaming and seamless hands-free calls.  Read more information below.


The Phonak Marvel M30 is the most basic aid in Phonak's Marvel range.

These aids are solid if basic aids for people with fairly low requirements who mainly need to hear well for one-on-one conversations and watching television, but don't intend to use them much when out and about in places with more going on and background noise.

What sets these aids apart from previous generations of Phonak products, is that usually there is no rechargeable option for the 30 models. Now there is, and at no extra cost. The battery is just as good, it's the second-gen Lithium-Ion one, same as the one in the top model, the M90, so you will still get a full day's hearing without needing to recharge.

If you want to read more about the other features of the Marvel range, have a look at our main article on the Phonak Marvel Audeo M90 / M90-R page

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**Please note, there will be an additional surcharge of £125 if we are pairing a single hearing aid with an existing aid bought from another company where we are taking over the aftercare responsibilities and looking after both hearing aids**

Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

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