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Virto / Bolero Q30 and Nano Hearing Aids & Reviews

Q30 | Virto / Bolero / Nano

Price for one - £595 | Price for a pair - £995
The Q30 was an entry level hearing aid from Phonak. It was launched in 2012. This aid has now been superseded by the newer V30.

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High Street Price £1000

Our price £595

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The Phonak Q30 range consists of 3 different models, so you can choose the best fitting you and your lifestyle, as well as your level of hearing loss. These models are the Virto Q, In The Ear (ITE), the Virto Q Nano, Invisible In Canal (IIC), and the Bolero, Behind The Ear (BTE).

The Virto Q Nano, ITE model is moulded to perfectly fit your ear canal and is nearly impossible to see when worn.  The Nano also has a MiniControl, a discrete remote control the size of a key fob, giving you greater flexibility when changing your hearing settings. This model is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss.

The Virto, In The Ear (ITE) model is available in different shell sizes including In The Canal and Full Shell.  There are a range of power levels making this fitting suitable for mild to profound hearing loss. This model is fully compatible with Phonak’s range of listening accessories.

The Bolero Q30 (BTE) Behind The Ear model is powerful enough to be suitable for all levels of hearing loss, from mild to profound. Despite this, it is small and discrete when worn. It is available in a wide range of colours, from pale shades designed to match your hair and skin tone, to bolder fun colours to make them stand out as a stylish accessory.

The Bolero Q30 has a strong water and dust resistant coating protecting it from environmental damage, ensuring it stays in good working order for longer. Along with the Virto model, it is fully compatible with listening accessories from Phonak.

Phonak’s Binaural VoiceStream Technology allows voice streaming between two hearing aids, ensuring greater speech clarity in difficult listening environments.

The programs available for this range include:

Sound Recover

The sounds in the higher frequencies, such as higher pitched and softer voices, can be the most difficult to hear. The SoundRecover program is designed to improve understanding and clarity of these harder to hear sounds. It does this by reproducing these sounds and bringing them within your hearing range, without any sound distortion.

Everyday Automatic

This program makes subtle adjustments to your hearing as you move between different listening environments. It helps to reduce background noise and improve speech sounds for better understanding.


Feedback sound is a common issue for hearing aid wearers. Not only is it annoying for the wearer, it also attracts the attention of those around you. This program can separate the sound of feedback from other sounds around you and remove it completely, so you don’t even know it is there.



Constant background noise, such as fans whirring, can make it difficult to hear the conversation around you. Many hearing aids simply amplify all sounds, increasing the sound of the background noise as well. This program recognises this type of environmental noise and reduces it, allowing you to focus on the sounds you want to hear.

Listening accessories in the Phonak range include:

Phonak ComPilot

This sound streaming device lets you listen wirelessly to your Smartphone, or other Bluetooth enabled device such as your computer or music player.

TV Link

This works with the ComPilot to stream the sound from your TV to your hearing aids, allowing you to enjoy your favourite programs at a volume to suit you.

Cordless Phone

This phone includes a program to transmit the caller’s voice to both of your hearing aids at once, for better speech clarity. There is also a booster mode which amplifies the volume for when you are not wearing your hearing aids.

PilotOne and MiniControl

These small remote controls are designed to allow you to change your hearing aid settings easily and discretely, giving you more control over your own levels of hearing. The MiniControl is designed specifically for the Nano model whilst the PilotOne works with the Virto and Bolero.

Author: Paul Harrison

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