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In 2009, ReSound launched the Essence hearing aid. It was designed especially for those who needed a good quality hearing aid but with a lower cost.

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High Street Price £900

Our price £495

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Update - New information

This hearing aid has now been superseded. The aids available in Resound's newest range are the LiNX2 9, the LiNX2 7 and the LiNX2 5. If you are working to a budget and are looking for a more basic hearing aid you may want to look at the Enya 4Enya 3 or Enya 2


Although it does not have as many styles as some of the other ReSound products there is still a good range to choose from.

It is available in two BTE (Behind the Ear) styles and four Custom ITE (In the Ear) styles.

Features include


  • 6 Channels – Each channel processes a range of frequencies so the more channels you have, the more specifically it can be programmed to suit your hearing needs.
  • Up to 2 Programmes – To personalise your hearing aid settings
  • DFS (Digital Feedback Suppression – Eliminates the whistling noise caused by feedback.
  • Noise Tracker - This is a sophisticated system that helps to remove background noise leaving speech clearer. Unlike the more advanced Alera models, the Alera 4 can only be programmed for one level.
  • Open Fitting – To give the wearer a natural sound and comfort.


In conclusion, the essence is a basic model launched for the more cost conscious customer but still has a good range of features. It only has 6 channels but still offers noise reduction and feedback suppression. It is available in a range of colours.





Author: Paul Harrison

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