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Linx Range of Resound Hearing Aids & Reviews

Written by Paul Harrison

ReSound LiNX is the world’s first hearing aid made specifically for the iPhone. The Denmark based company has long been at the cutting edge of new hearing technology, working to provide the best possible hearing solutions.  Through ground breaking collaboration with Apple they have created a new listening experience for hearing aid users which is being hailed as the world’s smartest hearing aid.  the two models in this range are the Resound linx 7 hearing aid and the Resound linx 9 hearing aid.

With its powerful new dual core chip platform called SmartRange these hearing aids can work together seamlessly and can create a surround sound experience. This improves the quality of speech sound and helps you to determine where different sounds are coming from.

They are also dynamic, reacting to their environment and the sounds around you to give you the most comfortable and natural hearing experience. If you move from a quiet environment to a noisy one they can automatically adjust the background noise and speech volume improving the quality of sound so that you can still hear conversation clearly. They are powerful enough to be suitable for around 90% of hearing loss, from moderate to severe.

By using the Smart App, you can control these hearing aids and change the settings through your Apple devices which run iOS 7.X or later. These include the iPhone 5 (including 5s and 5c models) or 4th generation iPad as well as the iPad air and iPad mini and the 5th generation iPod touch.

The Smart App makes it easy to alter the volume and bass of your hearing aids as well as changing the programmes to suit different listening environments. It will also give you information about using your hearing aids such as general care and maintenance. You can check the battery life and make sure they are working correctly.

However, the Smart App can turn your iPhone, iPod or iPad into so much more than a remote control device.  Because of Apples great new technology, these hearing aids don’t need any additional hardware or accessories to pick up the sound and stream it directly from your Apple device. This in effect, turns your hearing aids into a set of Bluetooth stereo headphones.

The applications for this are huge. You can watch and listen wirelessly to movies, TV programmes and UTube videos. You can take part in Skype calls, online hangouts and face time chats with family and friends.   You can take hands free calls on your iPhone and listen to music wherever you are. A simple tap on the Smart App can stop the audio streaming and let you listen to people around you.

Not only can you adjust the settings of your hearing aids to suit your favourite places, such as a particular restaurant or theatre, but you can use the Smart App to remember your location. By GeoTagging your favourite or regular locations, the Smart App will remember your hearing aid settings whilst you were there and automatically adjust your hearing aids to those settings the next time you visit.

You can use the microphone on your iPhone to amplify someone’s speech in a noisy environment.  Simply give them your iPhone and the app will pick up what they are saying and stream it directly to your hearing aids whilst blocking out the background noise. This has plenty of uses, from listening to a friend in noisy cafes or at a sports game to following a lecture in school or college.

There are well over 1,000,000 apps which you can use with your iPhone or iPad, and new apps are constantly being developed which LiNX users can take full advantage of. These include running, yoga and fitness apps, those developed for hobbies such as cooking or photography as well as music, audio books and games, the list is endless. ReSound LiNX users will be among the first to enjoy the latest in new apps and technology.

Despite all this sensitive technology these hearing aids are not delicate. The tough coating makes them resistant to oil, dust and moisture, so you don’t need to worry about rainy days or dusty working environments.

With all this processing power the LiNX hearing aids are surprisingly small. It is one of the smallest receiver in the ear hearing aids available and is small enough to disappear behind the ear. If you prefer to show them off as stylish accessories they are available in a range of attractive colours.  Two LiNX models are currently available. The LiNX 7 is packed with features and programmes and is suitable for most moderate listening environments and has three memory programs. The premium model,  the LiNX 9 has more features than the LiNX 7, contains 4 memory programs and is suitable for more challenging hearing situations. 

Author: Paul Harrison

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