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Linx 7 Hearing Aids & Reviews

Linx 7

The Linx 7 is a made for iPhone hearing aid, which is suitable for people with severe hearing loss. It is an in-ear hearing, but because it is so small, it can barely be seen.

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Update - New information

This hearing aid has now been superseded. The aids available in Resound's newest range are the LiNX2 9, the LiNX2 7 and the LiNX2 5. If you are working to a budget and are looking for a more basic hearing aid you may want to look at the Enya 4Enya 3 or Enya 2


The LiNX 7 is a made for iPhone hearing aid produced by GN ReSound. It contains a new specially developed SmartRange dual core platform which allows it to have a dedicated processor for sound and another for wirelessly streaming sound via Bluetooth.  The LiNX in the range is the Resound Linx 9 hearing aid.

This is a receiver in the ear hearing aid with the tiny yet powerful processor and battery casing sitting discretely behind the ear. Because it is so small it can barely be seen, unless you want to show it off by choosing one of the bright and stylish colours available. Suitable even for those with severe hearing loss, a special program compresses the higher, more difficult to hear frequencies and brings them within your hearing range without distorting them. The processor contains seventeen channels for receiving frequencies, this gives greater clarity of speech and makes it easier to separate the different sounds around you.

The many new features of this hearing aid include Binaural Fusion which, along with its 2.4 GHz wireless processor allows your hearing aids to talk to each other and synchronise effortlessly. So each hearing aid changes program and volume settings at the same time. A specially designed program called Synchronized Softswitching slowly alters the hearing aids when you move from one environment to another so that a sudden increase in noise isn’t painfully loud. It can also increase the volume if you move to a quieter environment so that the speech around you is clearer.

These smart hearing aids can also adjust to other sounds around you with the Environmental Optimiser, this includes adjusting speech volume and decreasing background noise such as wind or traffic. This program can be adjusted easily to give you the best listening experience

The hearing aids also work together whilst you are on the telephone, the Comfort Phone setting increases and clarifies the speech on the telephone side whilst reducing the background noise in the other ear.

Many feedback suppression programs can also distort music sound, this is because the hearing aid gets confused between certain musical notes and the sound of the feedback. ReSounds special feedback program not only stops the feedback before you can hear it, but it can tell the difference between this sound and music with the Music Mode. This means that music lovers can listen to their favourite music without distortion.

Along with all these great features, the technology from Apple turns these hearing aids into stereo Bluetooth headphones. Designed to work with iPhone, iPad and iPod you can download a Smart App which gives you full control over using your hearing aids. A remote control program lets you change the volume and bass settings on the hearing aids to suit you. It can also give you information about battery life, care, cleaning and maintenance of your hearing aids as well as a user guide.

The remote control lets you change hearing programmes discretely and save new settings simply by touching the screen.

Once you have your ideal hearing settings in a particular location you can Geo Tag that location in the Smart App. The app will then automatically change your hearing aids to those same settings the next time you are in the same place. The Geo Tag program can also be used to locate your hearing aids should you misplace them

The Smart App allows you to stream sound directly from your Apple device to your hearing aids without the need for wires or any other accessories. This opens up so many possibilities such as making hands free phone calls, using Facetime or Skype to keep in touch with family and friends. There are also many uses in business, such as video conference calls.

In your leisure time you can listen to music when out and about without the need for an extra headset. You can easily switch from audio streaming to normal hearing use and back again with a touch of the screen. This also gives you the opportunity to use the many other applications designed for Apple, such as fitness apps and audio books.

If you are in a very noisy environment you can use the audio streaming program with your iPhone’s microphone to listen to a friend at a concert, a busy restaurant or sports game. This will cut out all background noise and let you hear their voice clearly. You can also use this feature to listen to lectures at school or college by giving your iPhone to the person speaking.

With new apps constantly in development there will be plenty of new ways that you can use your hearing aids for work and leisure time.

The LiNX 7 is ideal for most moderate listening environments and contains 3 memory programs which you can tailor for your needs and lifestyle.

Author: Paul Harrison

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