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Linx 9 Hearing Aids & Reviews

Linx 9

The Linx 9 hearing aid is perfect for all environments for those suffering with severe hearing loss and is the first hearing aid to be made for iPhone.

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Update - New information

This hearing aid has now been superseded. The aids available in Resound's newest range are the LiNX2 9, the LiNX2 7 and the LiNX2 5. If you are working to a budget and are looking for a more basic hearing aid you may want to look at the Enya 4Enya 3 or Enya 2


The LiNX 9 from Danish company GN ReSound and Apple is the first made for iPhone hearing aid. This is a receiver in the ear hearing aid with a very small and discrete case which sits behind the ear. The tough waterproof coating makes it ideal for most environments and it is suitable for even severe hearing loss. The range, which includes the LiNX 7 contains a powerful 2.4 GHz wireless processor and the new SmartRange dual core platform.  The other Resound LiNX in the range is the Resound Linx 7 hearing aid.

This dual core platform has one processor for wireless capability and another for processing sound. By downloading the Smart App from the Apple Store you can turn your hearing aids into a wireless Bluetooth stereo headset. An audio streaming program lets you listen to music or make hands free phone calls without the need for extra adaptors or hardware.

This is ideal for staying in contact with others when you are out and about. You can also stream sound from Skype or face time chats, watch television and films on your iPad as well as using traffic navigation programmes. You can turn your Apple device into a remote microphone for listening to someone in a very noisy environment. Simply set the audio streaming to pick up sound from your microphone and give it to the person you need to hear. This feature has so many uses, such as conversation in a busy restaurant or listening to the children in the back of your car whilst you are driving.

These features are easy to manage using your iPhone, iPad or iPod which can also be used as a remote control for your hearing aids. This app gives you full control over the programmes you are using as well as allowing you to change the volume and bass settings.

You can use the app to Geo Tag your favourite locations and save your ideal hearing aid settings for each place. The next time you visit, the hearing aids will automatically go back to those ideal hearing settings.

The app can give you helpful information about caring for your hearing aids to keep them working at their best. There is also a user guide to help you navigate all the features.

This premium hearing aid model is suitable for more challenging hearing environments and contains additional programs to reduce wind noise and background noise with its Environmental Optimiser program.

These hearing aids can ‘talk’ to each other and synchronize effortlessly to give you the best listening experience possible. With the Natural Directionality program you can choose to focus on different areas or people speaking by changing the microphone direction. One hearing aid can focus on someone talking in front of you whilst the other still picks up sound around you. This gives a very natural hearing experience with out the background noise becoming intrusive. By using the AutoScope Directionality function you can focus the microphones on one person or a group by widening or narrowing the focus of the microphones.

The Binaural Directionality feature automatically focuses on conversation in noisy environments by assessing the noise levels and changing the direction of the microphones for the best speech clarity. These programmes can of course be altered with a discrete tap of your iPhone.

With 17 frequency channels and a compression program which brings the higher, more difficult to hear frequencies within hearing range the LiNX hearing aids provide a rich listening experience. The new Surround Sound by ReSound program helps you to work out where sounds are coming from, giving you greater awareness of your surroundings.

Because your hearing aids can communicate with each other they will always be on the same volume settings and programs. They can also work together, adapting to the listening environment using Synchronized Soft Switching. This program makes small changes to the volume and background noise levels when you move from a quiet environment to a louder one and vice versa, ensuring that the sound isn’t uncomfortably loud or annoyingly quiet as you move around.  The Environmental Optimizer program can also make adjustments depending on your environment.

Using the Comfort Phone program will increase the volume on your telephone side whilst you are having a conversation and optimise the other person’s speech. The other hearing aid will automatically reduce the sound to minimise distractions so you can concentrate on the phone call. When you have finished your call the hearing aids will automatically return to their normal hearing mode.

The LiNX 9 is available in a range of 10 different colours and contains four memory programs which can be tailored for your hearing needs.

Author: Paul Harrison

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