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Resound Verso Hearing Aids & Reviews

Written by Paul Harrison

In September 2012, Resound launched their new range of hearing aids known as the Verso. These hearing aids are available in 2 technology levels, the Resound Verso 9 Hearing Aids and Resound Verso 7 Hearing Aids. They come in a choice of styles from very small custom in the ear models to a wide range of behind the ear models. These styles include


  • BTE  (Behind the Ear)
  • RIE   (Receiver in Ear)
  • RM  (Remote Microphone)
  • CIC  (Completely in Canal)
  • ITC  (In the Canal)
  • ITE  (In the Ear)
  • IIC  (Invisible in Canal)


The Verso has retained all the excellent features from Resounds previous Alera range and has added some new technology as well. The Verso range now offers Binaural Fusion, which is a feature that allows your hearing aids to actually communicate with each other and share information to give you a better listening experience. This technology means that your hearing aids can give an even better quality of hearing with advanced noise suppression and feedback management.


Along with the new Binaural fusion technology, the Verso range of hearing aids contain a wide range of excellent features, all designed to ensure you get the most out of your hearing devices.


  • 17 Channels – Each channel processes a range of frequencies so the more channels you have, the more specifically it can be programmed to suit your hearing needs.
  • Up to Four Programmes – These are settings that can be programmed for different environments or situations i.e. Restaurants, listening to music, basic speech.
  • Surround Sound Processor - This processes the different frequencies to preserve the sound quality. It also has a built in wind noise suppression system.
  • DFS (Digital Feedback Suppression – Gets rid of the annoying whistling noise
  • Advanced Noise Tracker II - This is a sophisticated system designed to eliminate background noise leaving speech clearer. It can be programmed for four different levels on the Alera 9.
  • Onboard Analyzer II – This feature allows your audiologist to analyse the data from your hearing aid by logging the activity that takes place. The audiologist can then feed the data into a computer and review it.
  • Natural directionality – Only available on the Alera 9, this means the microphones use different systems having one ear as the ‘focus’ ear and the other as the ‘monitor’ ear. The focus ear directs the microphone to the front for speech while the monitor ear will pick up sounds from other directions so you can still hear what’s going on around you as well.
  • Softswitching – This feature detects levels of sound and speech then slowly adapts the microphones to ensure a continuous comfortable listening environment.  


The Verso range of hearing aids are also equipped with iSolate Nanotech. This is an innovative new process from Resound that involves using nanotechnology to apply a highly waterproof coating to your hearing aid. This can help to prolong the life of the hearing aid by protecting it from substances such as earwax or water. 


Many of these hearing aids have wireless capability and as an added bonus, Resound hearing aids do not require an additional neck loop to be worn in order to receive the signal. It is beamed directly from your TV streamer or other accessory to the hearing aids. Resound’s range of accessories include:


  • ReSound Unite TV
  • ReSound Unite Mini Microphone
  • ReSound Unite Remote Control
  • ReSound Unite Phone Clip


In conclusion, Resound Verso hearing aids cover the full range of styles so it would cater for almost all hearing losses. It has wireless technology on most models which don’t require an additional streamer to be worn about your person. With their new binaural technology, these hearing aids provide an advanced listening experience.



Author: Paul Harrison

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