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Siemens Binax 3 Pure/Ace Carat Hearing Aids & Reviews

Binax 3 Pure/Ace/Carat/Insio

Price for one - £995 | Price for a pair - £1895
The Siemens Binax 3 has now been superseded by the Primax 3.

Technology rating

High Street Price £1100

Our price £995

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Update (April 2016) - The whole Binax range has now been superseded by the new Siemens Primax range.

Update (August 2015) - The full range of Binax aids is now out. The Insio, a very small invisible-in-the-canal variant has been added to the range.

The Siemens Binax 3 is the entry level technology option in the Binax range. It is a 24 channel aid and it has less features than the Binax 5 or Binax 7 but uses the same base processing chip. All models are suitable all hearing loss apart from profound.

Main features


BinaxFocus focuses your hearing more tightly towards relevant speach sounds when you are in a noisy environment such as a restaurant.


BinaxSound shares the incoming sounds between both hearing aids to provide HD (High Definition) sound quality.

24 Channels

The Binax 3 contains 24 channels which is more any other entry level hearing aid there is, and in fact more than most other hearing aids altogether. The Binax's way of using channels is different to other manufacturers however so this particular hearing aid shouldn't be compared to others on channels alone.

e2e Wireless

You get a binaural hearing effect by having the two hearing aids communicate wirelessly which means that your hearing aids work more naturally like your actual ears to process sounds together as one unit. e2e wireless is what powers the above features, binaxsound and binaxfocus.

Other features


This program attenuates the crackling sound you can get in your hearing aids when wind hits them.

Sound Smoothing

Sudden loud sounds are reduced before you hear them. The hearing aid reacts quickly so that sounds such as slamming doors are less jarring. 

Tinnitus Noiser

The hearing aid can help to distract you from the sounds of your tinnitus by playing a range of sounds when you are in a quiet environment, which is often where you are more likely to notice your tinnitus.

Feedback Cancellation

The squealing sound of feedback that can happen when something gets too close to your aids is removed before you hear it. This is done without any distortion of sound quality.

Siemens hearing aids are much better than they were a few years ago and the Binax range are widely considered to be their best work. Siemens were always better known for all of the other products they make but are now starting to catch up to the other hearing aid manufacturers. If you are interested in Binax hearing aids then you might also want to think about the Binax 5 or Binax 7 which are the mid and top models in the series.

When purchasing hearing aids, the audiologist you choose is as important as the hearing aids themselves. Which? magazine kindly gave permission for us to show you the information below (You can click here for the full article) You can see the customers are rating independent hearing aid audiologists significantly more favourably than those of the big national chains.

which report





Author: David Roberts

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