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Siemens Binax 5 Pure/Ace Carat Hearing Aids & Reviews

Binax 5 Pure/Ace/Carat/Insio

Price for one - £1195 | Price for a pair - £2295
The Siemens Binax 5 was launched at the end of 2014 but has now been superseded by the Primax 5.

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High Street Price £1400

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Update (April 2016) - The whole Binax range has now been superseded by the new Siemens Primax range.

Update (August 2015)  - the Binax 5 is now available in the invisible in the canal (IIC) shape, this is called the Insio. This now completes the range from the very small in-the-ear aids through to the full sized behind-the-ear models. If you are considering getting a Binax 5 then make sure you read right to the bottom of this article as there is some essential information you will want to look at.

The Siemens binax 5 is a range of three Receiver In The Canal (RIC) hearing aids. There are three different sizes, the smaller model called the "Ace" and the two larger variants, the "Pure" and the "Carat" which are rechargeable.

Main features


BinaxFocus automatically changes the focus of the directional microphones from wide to narrow, depending on your environment to give you better speech understanding. You can also control this feature manually to focus on a certain speaker or sound in your environment.


BinaxSound gives you High Definition or "HD" Sound quality by sharing the sound between two the microphones on each of the hearing aids. This creates a eight microphone virtual network for capturing the sound around you.  If one hearing aid is getting a clearer speech signal, it can send this to both hearing aids at once.


BinaxGuide changes the directionality characteristics of the microphones from focusing in front of you to behind you or to the side. This can also be changed manually and is perfect for car journeys when you cannot turn to face the speaker.

32 Channels

The Binax 5 contains 32 channels. This is far more than most other hearing aids and the jury is out at the moment on whether all those extra channels provide any additional benefit or not. The human cochlear only has 20 channels in it naturally, around 17 or 18 of which are used realistically. This is why most top hearing aids have around 17 or 18 channels.

e2e Wireless

Binax’s e2e Wireless technology allows two hearing aids to collect sound from one side and send it to the other, giving a binaural listening effect. It also ensures that all settings are synchronised and the hearing aids are working together.

Other features


This program reduces the effect that wind noise has on sound quality when you are outside to help you hear those around you.

Sound Smoothing

This program helps to lessen the impact of sudden loud sounds, which can be a problem for hearing aid wearers. This program reduces the volume and softens the effect for listening comfort.

Tinnitus Noiser

This program produces a range of sounds to distract the wearer from the symptoms of tinnitus.

Feedback Cancellation

The whistling sound of feedback whenever something or someone gets too close to your hearing aid, is removed before you can hear it, without any sound distortion.


Stream sound from your Bluetooth devices directly to your hearing aids via the easyTek sound streamer and remote control.

Spatial Configurator

This program gives the wearer total control over their listening in any situation. You can change the span of focus from wide to narrow so you can hear sounds from all around you or a small area in front of you. You can also change the direction of your hearing to the side or behind you. These hearing aids are controllable via the easyTek remote control and sound streamer or the easyTek app which is compatible with both iOS and Android Smartphones. The app allows you to adjust the volume, treble and bass as well as fine tune your program settings to each listening situation easily and discretely.

Siemens hearing aids have improved considerably over the last few years and the Binax 5 has been quite well received. Historically other manufacturers that focus solely on hearing aids have always been considered superior to Siemens who are better known for their household appliances and manufacturing, but they are now starting to catch up. If you are interested in this technology then you might also want to consider the Binax 7 or Binax 3.

When purchasing a hearing aid, the audiologist you decide to go with can be as important as the choice of hearing aid itself. Which? magazine generously gave us permission to display some information from their report on private hearing aid retailers (You can click here for the full article) and you can see for yourself that customers rate independent audiologists higher in all areas when compared to the big national suppliers.

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Author: Paul Harrison

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