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Cellion Primax 5 px (rechargeable)

Price for one - £1395 | Price for a pair - £2495
5 Year Warranty
Cellion Primax is one of the world's first rechargeable hearing aid, along with Phonak, with a lithium-ion charging system.

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High Street Price £1900

Our price £1395

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As specified in the Cellion's 5px upgraded version, the 7px – the main feature that Signia has introduced with this new generation of hearing aids is the brilliance of battery-free technology – this radical upgrade extends to Cellion 7px and 5px

The main thing to consider before deciding whether the 5px or 7px is more suited to you, ask yourself what is your routine? If you're an outgoing person, going to and from various environments, such as the train station, the office or even nightclubs - you may want to consider paying that little bit extra and going for the 7px. Both the 7px and 5px contain Speechmaster, however the 7px has more environmental settings programmed into the hearing aid. If you have more of a set routine and your environmental surroundings are less fluctuating, consider going for the 5px.

Both the 5px and 7px have speechmaster as a standard feature. The main difference being that the 5px has less compatible environments, such as a nightclub. the 7px will enhance the speech within this environment as it is programmed with more environments than the 5px.
The three main concepts for speech master are;

speechmaster diagram

  • Noise Reduction - reduction of background noise to enhance the speaker.
  • Directionality - focuses on the speaker rather than all background noises.
  • Amplification - increases the speaker's sound over other sounds in the environment. 

The 5px operates with 32 channels, as opposed to the 7px operates with 48. Both versions of the Cellion contain e2e wireless streaming, which is ideal for added accessories, such as the remote controls and Tv streamer.

The advantage of the 5px is that you do no lose the musical enhancement just by tightening your budget. The 5px still has one present channel for music enhancement, which is more than enough for everyday life.

Both the 7px and 5px have that much loved twin phone feature as well as Signia's own adaptation of Tinnitus therapy, 'Notch Therapy' (the 5px having reduced therapeutic signals).

Both versions of the Cellion are suitable for everyday life, each version is accustomed to own personal preference and how your day-to-day activities vary. 

Author: Paul Harrison

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