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Siemens iMin Hearing Aids & Reviews

Written by Paul Harrison

The Siemens  iMini is a tiny IIC (Invisible in Canal) hearing aid, designed for people who want a really discreet solution to their hearing loss. This hearing aid fits deep into the ear canal making it almost completely unnoticeable. It is available in 2 technology levels, iMini 701 and iMini 301.

Despite being so small, these hearing aids still have a good range of features available, these include: .


  • Up to 16 Channels – Channels allow your hearing aids to be programmed for your hearing loss. The more you have, the more specifically it can be done for your individual needs.
  • Feedback Stopper – This helps to eliminate the annoying feedback sounds that can sometimes occur.
  • Soundbrilliance – This feature extends the higher frequency sounds to enhance your listening experience. It is only available on the iMini 701
  • Soundsmoothing – This feature helps to cushion those sudden unexpected loud noises.
  • Speech and Noise Management – Helps to eliminate background noise leaving speech sounds much clearer.
  • e-Windscreen – This feature helps to block out wind noise to maintain a clear sound.
  • Soundlearning 2.0 – Automatically adapts the hearing aid to your personal volume and sound preferences. This feature is only available with the iMini 701
  • Data Logging – This feature records the data from your hearing aids so your audiologist can analyse it and make sure you are getting the best results from your hearing aids.



In conclusion, the Siemens iMini is an excellent hearing aid for those who want a discreet device that still offers a wide range of features. The Siemens iMini range is not compatible with Siemens wireless accessories. Due to their positioning deep in the ear canal, these hearing aids are not suitable for everyone but this can be discussed with your Hearing Aid Audiologist. 

Author: Paul Harrison

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