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Siemens Orion 2 Hearing Aids & Reviews

Orion 2

Price for one - £895 | Price for a pair - £1695
5 Year Warranty
In April 2016 the Orion 2 replaced the Orion hearing aid.

Technology rating

High Street Price £1200

Our price £895

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The Siemens Orion 2 replaces the original Orion.

It has better feedback cancellation that the original, more sophisticated wireless communication between the aids and importantly adds the option to use the various wireless accessories that are available to the more sophisticated Primax aids.

The Orion 2 is the top of Siemens' " Essential" range. Essential is this case translates as "basic". These are simple devices aimed mainly at people with low hearing requirements, though the Orion 2 does have some basic background noise management, and wind noise reduction which the next one down, the Sirion 2, doesn't have.

This aid is available in the full range of shapes, including the popular RIC option.

If you are looking for a basic Siemens aid but don't need the wireless accessories then you may want to consider the Sirion 2 or even the entry level aid, the Intuis 2.

Author: David Roberts

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