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Siemens Primax 3 px, Ace/Pure/Motion/Insio Hearing Aids & Reviews

Primax 3 px | Ace/Pure/Motion/Insio

Price for one - £1095 | Price for a pair - £2095
5 Year Warranty

Technology rating

High Street Price £1400

Our price £1095

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The Primax 3px by Siemens/Signia is the mid range option from the April 2016 launch. 

It has a lot to offer for a mid range aid. It offers good, but not the best, levels of background noise reduction and is suitable for people with a moderately active lifestyle who need to hear well on social occasions but don't go out anywhere too noisy. Cosmetically, they are just as small as the more expensive models and are compatible with the full range of accessories.

Rather than re-hash what has already been said about the new features, read about them here on the Primax 7 page and compare on the chart below to see what the differences are, or just give us a call and we can explain the pro's and con's or each. If you look under "3px", the far right column, then you will see the list of features for this hearing aid.

Primax features

Main differences

The main things you miss out on with the Primax 3 when compared with the Primax 5 is the SpeechFocus and Directional speech enhancement, SoundBrilliance and Sound equaliser. Also the wind noise reduction isn't as good. As already mentioned, the net result is that you won't hear so well in background noise, but for watching television or speaking one-to-one the differences will be less noticeable.

Author: David Roberts

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