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Siemens Sirion Hearing Aids & Reviews


Price for one - £495 | Price for a pair - £795
The Siemens Orion was launched in late 2014 and has now been superseded. We would advise you not to buy this aid.

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High Street Price £900

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The Sirion, from Siemens is an entry level hearing aid suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. It is available in both BTE (Behind The Ear) and ITE (In The Ear) fittings.

The In The Ear fittings are smaller and more discrete as they fit in the outer part of the ear, with no tubing or case behind the ear. The range includes In The Ear (ITE) which fit in the outer part of the ear, In The Canal (ITC) which are smaller and fit mostly in the ear canal. The smallest in the range is the Completely In Canal (CIC) fitting which is very difficult for anyone else to see.

The CIC model is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss and the ITE and ITC models are suitable for more severe hearing losses.

These fittings have shell casings which are custom made to fit the contours of your ear and ear canal to ensure they are comfortable to wear. The larger fittings are vented allowing air to circulate naturally within the ear.

The Behind The Ear models are available in three different power levels, making them suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. The casing has a tough nano coating, inside and out, making this hearing aid tough and durable, ideal for those who enjoy physical activity and sports. It is dirt, dust and water resistant. They are available in a range of different colours which are easy to change should you change your mind, thanks to the exchangeable housing.

You can also mix and match the colours for an individual two tone look.

There is an option for a DAI (Direct Audio Input) in the battery door so that you can connect directly to signals on the FM wavelength. This is ideal for college and other learning situations where you need to hear a speaker over background noise. The telecoil option allows you to connect to loop systems.

Further features include:

Directional Microphones

These microphones focus to the front of your head, making it easier to listen to the person in front of you whilst reducing the effect of distracting background noise.

Manual switches

The larger, behind the ear models have a push button and rocker switch allowing you to make manual adjustments to your program settings and volume. The smaller BTE models have either a rocker switch or a push button.

The ITE (In The Ear) model has a rotary switch to alter the volume.

Feedback cancellation

Siemens feedback cancellation program is able to detect and remove the sound of feedback before you even hear it, without distorting other high pitched sounds.

12 Channels

There are 12 sound processing channels enabling the hearing aid to be fine tuned to compensate for your level of hearing loss. They also work to improve the sound quality of speech to help you follow conversation in difficult environments.

Water resistant

Not only are these hearing aids resistant to dust and dirt, they are water resistant. Tests have shown that they will still be in good working order after being submerged in up to three feet of water for thirty minutes.

Author: Paul Harrison

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