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Siemens Sirion 2 Hearing Aids & Reviews

  • Sirion 2

Price for one - £695 | Price for a pair - £1195
In April 2016 the Sirion 2 replaced the Sirion hearing aid.

Technology rating

High Street Price £1000

Our price £695

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The Siemens Sirion 2 has now replaced the original Sirion.

This is a very basic hearing aid, mainly suitable for people who only need to hear well in a quiet environment. Frankly, there isn't much reason for most people to get this hearing aid as the main thing it offers over the cheaper Intuis 2 is the ability to use your mobile phone as a remote control. If that isn't something you need, then consider an Intuis 2 instead and save some money.

Cosmetically, there is no RIC (receiver-in-canal) option unfortunately which means either an in the ear aid or a standard size BTE.

Author: David Roberts

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