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Starkey Halo i110 Hearing Aids and Reviews

Starkey Halo i110

Price for one - £1495 | Price for a pair - £2895
Launched in March 2014, the Halo i110 took it’s place as the flagship hearing instrument of the Starkey portfolio. Superseded by Halo 2.

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High Street Price £2400

Our price £1495

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The Starkey Halo i110 is the highest spec hearing aid in the Halo range. It contains premium technology to give you the best hearing possible in the most demanding situations.

The Halo range is designed to work with the iPhone, iPod and iPad, utilising Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Starkey have developed their own app, which can be downloaded for free from the Apple store. This app turns your Apple device into a remote control for your hearing aids,
The Trulink app gives you control over your volume, bass and treble settings using a visual indicator bar, making it easy to create your ideal listening levels. The app also lets you save the settings as Trulink memories so that you can easily reset your hearing aids to the same settings in the future.

You can also use the GPS capability on your iPhone to geotag your location and pair it with the Trulink memory, so that your hearing aids will immediately readjust to the same settings the next time you are in the same location. You can set memories for work, your favourite restaurant and other places you visit regularly so that you don’t have to keep manually changing your hearing aid settings as you travel around.

The Halo i110 contains Starkey’s maximum noise reduction strength to improve your hearing clarity. It is designed to take the stress out of listening in more demanding situations such as in the car, crowded places, parties and the theatre. The directionality plus microphones let you focus your hearing on certain areas in front of you and to the side whilst reducing the other sounds in the room. In quieter situations the microphones can pick up sound from all around you, so you always have the best possible hearing in every environment.

The Acoustic Scene Analyser contains five levels which assess machine and wind noise and reduces them so they don’t block out other sounds. It also processes speech sounds to make them easier to understand with less background distraction. The Purewave feedback eliminator cuts out the whistling feedback noises without distorting the other sounds around you.

The Spectral iQ processor will recognise any of the high frequency sounds which are outside your hearing range and reproduce them at lower frequencies, making them easier to hear without any sound distortion. This is ideal for those with high frequency hearing loss who find it difficult to hear the voices of women and children.

ISO compression is used to moderate the volume of soft and loud speech to give you more comfortable hearing in all situations. This technology increases the sound of soft speech and reduces the volume of loud speech to bring them within your hearing range without affecting the sound quality. It also helps you to distinguish between voices to help you listen to conversation in a crowd. With 16 channels dedicated to sound imaging there is improved speech clarity and great quality of sound.

The synchronised user controls will ensure that both your hearing aids are always on the same programs and the right settings for you. You can easily swap from one listening program to another simply by tapping your phone’s touch screen.

These hearing aids are integrated with Bluetooth 4.0 technology which allows you to connect them wirelessly to your other Apple devices. This means that you can stream the sound from your iPhone, iPod and iPad directly to your hearing aids without the need for any other equipment such as loop systems or sound streamers.

You can answer phone calls with a tap of your touchscreen and the caller’s voice will be sent straight to your hearing aids, you can listen to music or video clips and take calls using facetime. It is easy to switch from streaming to normal listening with the Trulink app.

The Trulink app can also turn your iPhone into a microphone to help you to hear in more demanding situations. Simply turn on the microphone and place your phone near the person speaking, or at the centre of the table at a restaurant. Your phone will stream the sound of the conversation to your hearing aids allowing you to follow what is being said without the background noise being too distracting.

The Halo 110 is a receiver in the ear (RITE) hearing aid and is available in a range of neutral colour options to suit all tastes and styles. Despite its small size this powerful hearing aid is energy efficient, even with constant sound streaming. The protective coating is water and wax repellent ensuring your hearing aid stays in the best working order.  There is the Starkey Halo i90 hearing aid as well which may well be a suitable alternative at a lesser price.

Author: Paul Harrison

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