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SoundLens 2 70 Hearing Aids & Reviews

  • Starkey SoundLens 2 70 - Invisible

November 2015 - the new IIC range from Starkey, the SoundLens 2 has arrived.

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The Starkey SoundLens 2 70 is the most most basic of the three in the range but is far from a basic aid. It should be compared to other mid-range aids.

The working parts of the Soundlens 2 are 20% smaller than the previous version of SoundLens which means that a greater number of people will fall into the fitting range.

The Soundlens 2 70 replaces the previous x-series Soundlens.

The third level of technology is the Soundlens 2 70 and includes;

  • 8 Channels - Each channel processes a band of frequencies within a range.  A greater number of channels means that the aid can be fitted to you more specifically
  • 2 Levels of Personalisation – This allows you to customise the hearing aid to your personal requirements.
  • Voice iQ2 –  The Soundlens 70 has a basic noise reduction strength of 6dB.
  • Audioscape – The previous generation of Soundlens 70 had only a more basic level of Audioscape than the more expensive models with just two settings. This updated version has the full five settings with further customisation possible.
  • Purewave Eliminator - Purewave anti-feedback technology prevents whistling in the aid.
  • Self Learning – Over time the hearing aid learns howand when you make adjustments and will improve based on this and adjust itself accordingly.
  • Swap Fit – This helps your audiologist to take the settings from your previous hearing aid device and transfer them to the new one.

In conclusion, the Soundlens 2 70 is the third level of IIC (Invisible in Canal) technology. It still has the same basic features as the Starkey Soundlens 2 90 and 110 but with only half as many channels as the Starkey Soundlens 2 110, it is not as advanced.

This is where the soundlens 2 sits in your ear;


Author: David Roberts

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