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Starkey Tour/Ignite Hearing Aids & Reviews

The Ignite and Tour were launched by Starkey as a value range of hearing aids for people with more of a budget in mind. These hearing aids are available in two levels of technology, the Ignite/Tour 30 and Ignite/Tour 20. They still have many of Starkeys excellent features and some models have now been made wireless compatible. The Ignite is available in the following styles.

RIC – (Receiver in Canal)

CIC – (Completely in Canal)

ITC – (In the Canal)

ITE – (In the Ear)


With the introduction of the Ignite Xino, this model is now also available as an IIC (Invisible in Canal) hearing aid. This tiny device sits deep in the ear canal making it almost completely unnoticeable. Due to its positioning, the Xino is not suitable for everyone but this would be discussed with your audiologist.


The Tour is available in two styles


RIC           – (Receiver in Canal)

Mini BTE – (Behind the Ear)


The Starkey Ignite and Tour contain the following features.


  • Up to 6 Channels - Each channel processes a range of frequencies so the more channels you have, the more specifically it can be programmed to suit your hearing needs.
  • Feedback Cancellation – This helps to eliminate the annoying whistling sounds that can sometimes occur.
  • Directional Microphone – This feature helps your hearing aids focus on the sounds you want to hear and not the ones you don’t.
  • Noise Management – This helps to suppress background noise leaving speech sounds clearer.


The Ignite and Tour also feature Starkey’s Hydrashield technology. This makes your hearing aids highly resistant to a range of substances such as sweat, wax or water, helping to prolong the life of your hearing aid.


As some models offer wireless compatibility they can be paired with Starkey’s range of wireless accessories. These include


  • Surflink Media Streamer – TV/Radio/MP3 Streamer
  • Surflink Remote Control – 3 Mode Remote Control
  • Surflink Mobile – Media streamer/remote control/mobile phone transmitter

In conclusion the Ignite/Tour is a value range of hearing aids from Starkey, designed for those who are more cost conscious when it comes to their hearing needs. Despite being more of a budget hearing aid it still has very good features and is still wireless compatible.




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