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Starkey X-Series i110 including Wi, Xino and 3 Series Hearing Aids and Reviews

X-Series i110 including Wi, Xino and 3 Series

Superseded by the Z series, this range is now obsolete.

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The X Series 110 (i110 for wireless version) is Starkeys top level of technology and has replaced their previous S Series models. This hearing aid is available in 3 styles, Wi, Xino and 3 Series and 3 levels of technology.

Wi – This is the wireless option in this range of hearing aids. Together with a range of excellent features, these hearing aids will allow you to connect to Starkeys wireless accessories, these include:

  • Surflink Media Streamer – TV/Radio/MP3 Streamer
  • Surflink Remote Control – 3 Mode Remote Control
  • Surflink Mobile – Media streamer/remote control/mobile phone transmitter

The Wi series hearing aids are available in the following styles

RIC – (Receiver in Canal)

CIC – (Completely in Canal)

ITC – (In the Canal)

ITE – (In the Ear)


Xino – This is Starkeys mini RIC (Receiver in Canal) hearing aid. Although it is not wireless compatible, it still has a wide range of features and is a highly cosmetic option.

3 Series -   This hearing aid is very much the same as the WI. It offers the same features and wireless compatibility but has been redesigned for easier use. It has a new switch design to make volume and setting control easier and Snapfit for easier receiver connection. The styles available in the 3 Series are

RIC – (Receiver in Canal)

Mini BTE (Behind the Ear)


The X Series (i)110 has a wide range of excellent features available.


Features Include:

  • 16 Channels - Each channel processes a range of frequencies so the more channels you have, the more specifically it can be programmed to suit your hearing needs.
  • 5 Levels of Personalisation – This allows you to customise the hearing aid to your personal requirements.
  • Voice iQ2 – Thanks to this feature, the noise reduction capability in these hearing aids has been greatly increased. The X Series (i)110 boasts a maximum 20dB noise reduction strength.
  • Audioscape – This recognises noise patterns in different environments working to ensure that priority is always given to speech The X Series (i)110 has five adaptation levels and will automatically adjust your hearing aid to your preferred settings.
  • Feedback Eliminator -  Starkey’s Purewave technology helps to eliminate the whistling feedback noises that can occur.
  • Self Learning – Your hearing aid will actually learn your volume preferences and adjust itself automatically
  • Swap Fit – This allows your audiologist to transfer your settings from your old hearing aid device to the new one.
  • 3D Speech Mapping – This feature is only available on the X Series (i)110. Using this, your audiologist can see how your hearing aid is processing sounds in real time.


The X Series (i)110 also features Starkeys Hydrashield. This makes your hearing aids resistant to a range of substances such as sweat, wax or water, helping to prolong the life of the hearing aid.


In conclusion, the X Series (i)110 is top level technology from Starkey available in a range of styles to suit your individual needs. If you do find you are on a bit of a budget, you may want to try the Starkey X-Series i90 or the Starkey X-Series i70, whether it is wireless technology or cosmetics that are most important to you when choosing a hearing aid, this range has a style for everyone. To view more Starkey X Series Hearing Aids range view here.



Author: Paul Harrison

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