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Starkey Z-Series i90 Hearing Aids & Reviews

Z-Series i90

Price for one - £1195 | Price for a pair - £1695
The i90 is one of the more sophisticated hearing aids in the range and is good for noisy environments.

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High Street Price £1800

Our price £1195

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The i90 is one of the more powerful hearing aids in the Starkey Z series. It is ideal for people with an active and busy social life and is designed for listening in noisy environments such as the work place, shopping centres and social occasions as well as meetings, restaurants and outdoor activities.

All models in the Z series range benefit from Starkey’s 900 sync technology which allows wireless synchronisation and high quality sound streaming in difficult listening situations. It also ensures that two hearing aids are always working together to give you a three dimensional sound quality.

The advanced technology in the i190 helps to clarify speech and sound in noisy environments.

This technology includes:

  • 12 channel bands - Channels are used to process and clarify the sounds around you. The i90 has 12 channels which provide great sound quality.
  • Acoustic Scene Analyser - The Acoustic Scene Analyser and Audioscape program has different levels for each model in the Z series. The i90 is the second most powerful hearing aid in the range at level 3. These programs work together to assess your environment and detect background noise such as machine or wind noise as well as speech in noise. It can separate the speech sound from the background noise to give you better hearing clarity.
  • Purewave Feedback Eliminator - This program detects the whistle or buzz of feedback and filters it out before you know it is there. This powerful program can be tailored to suit you and your lifestyle.
  • Synchronised User Controls - The wireless capability ensures that the volume and memory programs are always on the same settings to make any changes seamless.  The binaural telephone mode turns down the volume of the non-telephone hearing aid and turns up the volume on the other one, reducing distractions and making it easier to hear on the telephone.
  • Surflink Accessories - You can choose from a range of accessories including The Z Series is fully compatible with Starkey’s range of Surflink accessories including media streamers which stream sound from your music player or TV, mobile telephones and discrete remote controls.
  • Spectral IQ - ISO clear compression identifies and enhances soft speech and replicates high frequency voices, such as those of women and children, and brings them within your hearing range, without distorting the other sounds around you.
  • IQ Boost function allows user to reduce background noise without changing speech quality using the Surflink remote control. This is ideal for listening to conversation in demanding environments.
  • Voice IQ2 - This program enhances and preserves speech whilst managing background noise, ideal for busy environments.
  • Spatial Streaming and Stream Boost - Spatial streaming ensures that your hearing aids are always working together no matter how difficult your listening environment is. This ensures that you have the best performance in all settings.  Stream boost works to boost audio streaming in demanding environments.
  • Acuity Directionality - Directional microphones are designed to help you hear speech in noisy environments.
  • Speech ID - This program is able to recognise speech no matter which direction it is coming from. This, along with the directional microphones help you to hear conversation and lower background noise.
  • Binaural Spatial Mapping - This program is able to assess your listening environment and make adjustments to the hearing aids to make listening more comfortable. This includes reducing the impact of loud sounds without distorting other sound around you.
  • Multiflex Tinnitus Technology - This tinnitus reliever program can be tailored to your individual needs to reduce the effects of tinnitus.
  • Hydrashield2 - The Hydrashield2 nano coating repels wax and moisture, which can interfere with the workings of your hearing aid.


Other features include live speech mapping and advanced memory programs, so you can always have your favourite settings when you are listening to music or the TV.

The i90 is available in a wide range of styles, colours and fittings so that you can choose the right one to suit you.

The behind the ear styles are small and discrete and are available in a range of 7 colours which include black, slate, sterling, bright white with sterling, expresso, bronze and champagne

The styles include:

Behind The Ear (BTE) including a BTE mini and BTE power plus. this is suitable for all levels of hearing loss from moderate to severe.

Receiver In Canal (RIC) including a micro RIC with multiflex tinnitus option. These are suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. These styles are available in different power levels to suit your level of hearing loss.

The BTE and RIC styles also have a telecoil.


The smaller styles include

  • In The Ear (ITE), this style is suitable for mild to severe hearing loss.
  • In The Canal (ITC), this style is suitable for moderate to severe hearing loss.
  • Completely In Canal (CIC), this style is nearly invisible in the ear canal and is suitable for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

The telecoil is an optional extra in the ITE and ITC styles.

These smaller styles are custom made to the contours of your ear to ensure they fit comfortably and securely. They are available in 5 faceplate colours and 4 shell colours.

All styles of hearing aid have a memory button and - with the exclusion of the CIC style, all have volume control and directional microphones.

Author: Paul Harrison

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