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Unitron Quantum 20 Hearing Aids & Reviews

Quantum 20

is the top level of technology available. It has a wide range of excellent features and offers wireless compatibility.

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The Quantum range of hearing aids was launched in 2011 and at this time the Quantum 20 was Unitron’s top level of technology. This changed in 2012 when they brought out the Quantum Pro in 2012 making this hearing aid now their second level down. It is available in a wide range of styles and colours to suit your individual needs. The styles available are:
• BTE (Behind the Ear)
• ITE (In the Ear)
• CIC (Completely in Canal)
• Micro CIC (Completely in Canal)
• RIC (Receiver in Canal) – This style is also referred to as the Quantum Moxi
The Quantum 20 comes with a wide range of features. These include:
• 20 Channels – Channels allow your hearing aid to be programmed for your individual needs. The more channels you have, the more specific it will be.
• Automatic with Smart Focus - This responds to changes in your situation or environment and adjusts your programme accordingly. The Quantum 20 has 4 programmes.
• Client Control of Smart Focus – This allows the wearer to manually adjust things like fine tuning.
• Pinna Effect – This promotes natural directionality by recreating the ears natural acoustics.
• Learn Now – This teaches your hearing aid your preferred settings.
• Binaural Phone – This allows you to hear a phone conversation in both ears without the need for an extra accessory.
• Antishock – This helps to ease the impact of a sudden loud noise
• Feedback Manager – This helps to eliminate the annoying whistling noises that can sometimes occur
• Wind Noise Manager – This feature enables you to hear more clearly in windy situations.
As many of the styles in the Quantum 20 range have wireless compatibility, Unitron have developed a range of accessories to help you enjoy everyday activities more easily. These accessories include:
• uDirect 2 - Streamer worn around the neck
• Utv 2 - TV Transmitter / uDirect 2 charger
• SmartControl - Advanced remote control
• Unitron Remote - Basic remote control

In conclusion, the Quantum 20 is the second level of technology available from Unitron. It has a wide range of excellent features and offers wireless compatibility. It is available in a range of styles and colours to suit your individual taste. For the premium version of this hearing aid you may want to try the Quantum Pro, or if you would prefer a lower cost option then you may want to try the Unitron Quantum 12 or Unitron Quantum 6 which offer the same kind of technology but do lack some of the features available on the more advanced models.


Author: Paul Harrison

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