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Unitron Tempus Pro | Stride, All, Insera, Moxi, Dura, Fit, Kiss, Now, Fit-R Hearing Aids

Tempus Pro / Vista T 910

Price Each £1695 | Price Pair £3195

Available in RIC, BTE, ITC, ITE, CIC, MC

5 Year Warranty Included. Rechargeable version at no extra cost

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Details & Features

Unitron Tempus Pro Hearing Aids


|  Update:  This hearing aid is now classed as old technology.  View Discover Next 9 here

Important note regarding hearing aid names

Some companies supply a slightly more basic version of this hearing aid and market it as the "Vista T 910". The hearing aid is still made by Unitron and is almost identical to the Tempus Pro. 

You will also see other names associated with Unitron products, such as "Moxi, Now, Fit, All, Dura, Kiss, Stride, Insera. These are all essentially different "shapes" of this hearing aid. For example, the Unitron Tempus Pro Moxi sits over the ear, whereas the Unitron Tempus Pro Insera fits entirely into the ear and is hidden down the ear canal. Feel free to ask us for a more detailed explanation.

Unitron Tempus Pro

The latest release to the Unitron family of hearing aids is the Tempus range.

This range features 5 technology levels; Pro, 800, 700, 600 and 500, and Unitron claims that Tempus is their most sophisticated platform to date. Each level of Unitron Tempus hearing aid is available in Behind The Ear (BTE), Receiver In Canal (RIC) and In The Ear (ITE) styles, with both the BTE and RIC models now available with rechargeable batteries. Unitron claims that Tempus technology is the most conversation focused platform available with specific focus laid on solutions to hearing conversations in situations such as loud noise and crowds.

Here we will be specifically focusing on the Unitron Tempus Pro, which is their premium level model. For more information about the other levels please see our Unitron Tempus 800, Unitron Tempus 700, Unitron Tempus 600 and Unitron Tempus 500 pages.

Who Is The Unitron Tempus Pro For?

The Unitron Tempus Pro has been designed for people with an active social life who are regularly in different and changing types of challenging listening environments. Its features work together to enhance your hearing of speech and thus boost your understanding and enjoyment of conversations, whether you are having an intimate dinner for two or are at a loud party. It is particularly good at pinpointing the exact direction of different sounds so that you will never feel left out of the crowd again.

Tempus Pro Technological Features

The Unitron Tempus Pro includes a number of features which Unitron claims ‘conquers the most challenging conversations in noise and crowds’, ‘allows more users to engage in conversations across more environments’ and ‘delivers our most natural sound’. These claims are based on the development of their SoundCore technology.

SoundCore technology is the real power behind the Tempus Pro and it is this that makes the Tempus platform 50% more accurate and 36% faster at recognising and locating speech than Unitron’s previous North platform. SoundCore technology is actually made up of 4 different technological features that work together to detect and understand your listening environment and then make the necessary adjustments to ensure that you can actively participate in conversations, regardless of where you are, what’s going around you and what you are doing. These features include:

  • SpeechPro - detects the direction of speech specifically so that you can instantly tell who is talking, even if they are behind you. The technology is further broken down into 4 different elements; SpeechPro, Speech Locator, Speech Focus and Dynamic Spatial Awareness. Between them, these functions dramatically help to improve your understanding of speech.

  • SoundNav - this detects sounds and classifies them into 7 distinct environments, 4 of which are specifically for different types of conversations (in a crowd, in a small group, in quiet environments and in noise). The SoundNav technology then automatically blends the different applicable aspects of these detected environments together to precisely match the sonic landscape that you are currently in.

  • Sound Conductor -  Following on from the SoundNav technology’s detection and analysis of your listening environment, Sound Conductor then adjusts the Tempus Pro’s settings to optimise your hearing as matched to the exact requirements of your current situation. It does this by combining 3 separate functions; Speech Enhancement, Noise Reduction and Multiband Adaptive Directionality detection.  This allows you to hear everything around you in a completely natural way, including producing much clearer speech.

  • Spatial Awareness - speakers and amplifiers within your hearing aid are specially placed so that you are able to detect exactly where sounds are coming from, rather then everything sounding like it is coming from the same place and then often sounding jumbled. This provides a much more natural and realistic sound which requires much less concentration, making life feel easier. The Tempus Pro is able to produce this exceptional sound quality as it includes Unitron’s most advanced ‘Dynamic’ Spatial Awareness technology and mimics the natural effect of your pinna (outer ear) as it funnels sound down towards your eardrum.

The Unitron Tempus Pro also features a number of other features that combine to create a fantastic and natural sound quality and easy hearing experience. These include:

  • uControl 2.0 App - this easy to use app allows you to discreetly adjust and control, your hearing aid all from the comfort of your smartphone. Available on both Android and ios you can also use it to provide instant feedback to your audiologist about the performance of your hearing aid allowing them to make more precise adjustments. Using this will also save you money from the outset as you won’t have to buy a separate remote controller.

  • 20 Fitting Channels - this means that your hearing aid is able to identify up to 20 different sounds at once, from which the processor then decides which ones should be amplified. For example, the sound of someone’s voice would be amplified over the sound of the washing machine in the background.

  • Antishock 2 - this technology has been developed to eliminate the discomfort that can sometimes be caused by sudden loud noises. It acts quickly to detect and de-amplify the sound but without completely muting or distorting it.

  • Binaural MyMusic - this feature automatically detects music and automatically switches both of your hearing aids to a series f setting that is designed specifically for enhancing music.

  • Wind Control - an important feature in hearing aids is the ability to isolate and reduce wind noise. The Tempus Pro features Unitron’s most advanced Wind Control technology, especially useful in the BTE and RIC models so that you can still enjoy a windy stroll on the beach.

  • Feedback Manager - this feature identifies the potential for feedback (that annoying whistling sound that occurs when you place an object too close to your hearing aid) and stops it before it starts.

  • Natural Sound Balance - applicable to the BTE and RIC versions only, this acts to harmonise the production of both amplified sounds that are being fed from your hearing aid and those natural sounds that can also enter your ear.

  • DuoLink - this clever functionality allows you to easily control both your hearing aids using the pushbuttons features on the device. Simply push the button on your left hearing aid to turn the volume on both of your hearing aids up, or push the button on your right hearing aid to turn the volume on both your aids down.

  • Telecoil and easy-t - the telecoil functions allows for a range of different devices to be connected to your hearing aid for superior sound quality. The easy-t functions will automatically switch your hearing aid to the telephone set whenever you are on the phone.

  • Binaural Phone - this is the built-in function which allows telephone signals (either landline or mobile) to be automatically streamed from one hearing aid to the other without the use of a separate accessory.

  • Automatic Adaptation Manager - this is especially useful for new hearing aid users as it allows them to gently get used to the new levels of amplification that their hearing aid delivers.

  • Frequency Compression - suitable for severe to profound hearing loss, this features detects sounds at the levels that your hearing most struggles with and compresses their frequencies into ranges that are more easily audible.

  • Tinnitus Masker - this feature generates noise which is designed to stimulate your hearing system and divert attention away from the annoying sound of tinnitus.

Tempus Pro Rechargeable Options

Another real selling point of the Unitron Tempus Pro is that both the Behind The Ear (BTE) and Receiver In Canal (RIC) versions are available powered either by disposable or rechargeable batteries. Of course, there are other rechargeable hearing aids on the market, but with the Tempus Pro, Unitron has succeeded in making the rechargeable batteries small enough so that are still as slim and discreet as those with disposable batteries.

The rechargeable versions of the Tempus Pro are designed to be charged overnight (between 5 and 7 hours should suffice) which will then provide up to 24 hours worth of charge. Charging the Tempus Pro is also very easy, simply sit them into the charging cradle, no fiddly buttons or switches to contend with. However, there is also the opportunity to swap the rechargeable batteries out for disposable ones to give you the flexibility for power whenever you need it.

All you need to do to convert your hearing aids to this rechargeable technology is to purchase the Rechargeable Kit along with your Tempus Pro - this includes the easy to use charging station and 2 rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable versions of the Tempus Pro are called the Stride M R (which is the BTE version) and the Moxi M R (which is the RIC version) - simply remove the ‘R’ for the model names of the versions which feature standard batteries. At this time there isn’t a rechargeable version of the Insera ITE model.

Tempus Pro Accessories

The Unitron Tempus Pro is also available with a range of excellent accessories:

  • Remote Control 2  - this simple and discreet device allows you to make adjustments to your hearing aid without having to fiddle about with on-aid controls or use the smartphone app.

  • uStream - this discreet little device allows direct wireless connectivity to all of your sound-producing devices such as mobile phones, TV’s and Bluetooth speakers, streaming sound in stereo to your hearing aids.

  • uDirect 3 - this directly connects your hearing aids to devices such as mobile phones, TV’s and radios etc, with easy hands-free operation.

  • uMic - this personal microphone can be attached to the person that you are trying to hear through either the tie clip or worn as a lanyard. Audio can then be directly streamed to your hearing aids.

  • uTV 3 - designed specifically for connection to your TV, this allows the sound to be streamed directly to both of your hearing aids.

To find out more about the Unitron Tempus Pro contact our friendly audiologists at Your Hearing today. We will happily chat through all of your hearing requirements and can arrange for a free hearing test to be conducted at your convenience.

**Please note, there will be an additional surcharge of £125 if we are pairing a single hearing aid with an existing aid bought from another company where we are taking over the aftercare responsibilities and looking after both hearing aids**

Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

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