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Widex Beyond 220 Fusion2 hearing aids

Beyond 220 | Fusion2

Price for one - £1095 | Price for a pair - £1995
Released November 2016, this aid supersedes the Widex Unique 220 and has now been superseded itself by the Evoke 220

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High Street Price £1900

Our price £1095

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widex beyond

The Widex Beyond 220 is the most basic of Widex’s most recently released range of hearing aids (as of December 2016). The Widex Beyond 440 is the most sophisticated of the range (read the full Widex Beyond 440 product description here) and the range also includes the Widex Beyond 330. The Widex Beyond 220 represents a more entry level (with associated cost decrease) option for the Widex Beyond range.

Key Differences Between the Widex Beyond 220 and the 440/330

Many of the features, such as the app compatibility, are carried across between all of the Widex Beyond models. However with the decrease in price down to the 220 model there inevitably comes a decrease in some aspects of the technical specification. These include:

  • Decreased processing channels – the Widex Beyond 220 only has 6 channels, compared to the 440’s 15 and the 330’s 10 processing channels.
  • Lack of wind noise attenuation – this is only available on the 440 model.
  • Decreased programs – the 220 only has 3 programs for different sound situations, compared to the 440’s 5 programs and the 330’s 4 programs.
  • No Speech Enhancer System – only available on the 440 and 330 models, the Speech Enhancer System allows the dominant speaker in noisy situations can be singled out and amplified.
  • Lack of High Frequency Boost – the 330 does not have the ability to boost certain high frequency sounds that can be difficult for some users to hear.
  • Loss of Digital Pinna – only available on the 440 and 330 models, the Digital Pinna allows for more precise front/back localisation of sound.

Author: David Roberts

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