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Widex Dream 440 Hearing Aids & Reviews

Dream 440 Passion / Fusion / ITE

Price for one - £1295 | Price for a pair - £2095
The Widex Dream range has now been superseded by the Widex Unique. The information below is for historic reference, we advise you not to buy this aid.

Technology rating

High Street Price £2700

Our price £1295

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Update - Although this aid was the top of the range from Widex, we have had to downgrade its technology rating as it no longer stands up as well as it once did when compared to more modern aids.

In February 2013 Widex have launched their new Dream range of hearing aids. It is available in four levels of technology, the Dream 440, 330, 220, and 110, with the 440 being the top level of technology. This range contains their new True ISP chip technology which offers even better sound quality and faster signal processing. The Widex Dream 440 offers a choice of six hearing aid styles which are available in a range of colours.


Styles available


CIC -   (Completely In Canal)

ITE -   (In The Ear)

RIC -   (Receiver In Canal)

RITE - (Receiver In The Ear)

BTE -  (Behind The Ear)

Micro BTE -  (Behind The Ear)


The Widex Dream 440 comes with a range of features, including some new ones that are not available in any other Widex hearing aid range.


Features include:


15 Channels – Sound processing channels allow your hearing aid to be programmed for your hearing loss so the more you have, the more specifically this can be done.

5 Programmes – These allow your hearing aid to be set to manage your hearing loss in different environments or situations.

Personal Acclimatisation – This allows you to control both the level and pace of your hearing aids acclimatisation.

Personal Zen – Using harmonic tones, this feature helps to ease the symptoms of tinnitus

Personal Audibility Extender – This is designed to help with higher frequency sounds.

TruSound Softener -  This feature helps to cushion the impact of sudden loud noises, maintaining your listening comfort.

Feedback Cancelling  -  Helps to minimise any irritating whistling noises that may sometimes occur Speech Enhancer SII -  This feature means your hearing aid can focus on the voice you want to hear in a crowd and make it clearer.

Noise Reduction  - Helps to eliminate any unwanted background noise.

Digital Pinna - Your hearing aids will recreate the natural acoustics of your ear to ensure you receive a clear and natural sound.

The Widex Dream 440 is also compatible with the DEX range of wireless accessories giving you more freedom to enjoy everyday activities.

Accessories Include:

RC-DEX  -           Remote Control

TV – DEX –        Wireless TV Streamer

Phone – DEX – Landline Accessory

M – DEX -          Mobile Phone Accessory


In conclusion, the Dream 440 is the top level of technology in this new range from Widex. It offers a wide range of both key and new features and has wireless compatibility. It has faster sound processing thanks to the new True ISP technology and offers a choice of styles and colours to suit your individual needs. If you are interested in this type of technology but would prefer a lower cost option then you may want to try the other models in this range, the Widex Dream 330, Widex Dream 220 or the Widex Dream 110.


Author: Paul Harrison

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