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Widex Fusion Hearing Aids & Reviews

Written by Paul Harrison

Widex Fusion is part of the Clear ‘family’ of hearing aids available from the Danish manufacturer Widex.  The Fusion range is available in 3 levels of technology, the Clear 440 Fusion (premium range), Clear 330 Fusion (mid range) and Clear 220 Fusion (entry level range).


The Fusion is the Receiver in the ear (RITE)/Receiver in Canal (RIC) version of the Clear family.  The Clear 440 Fusion was launched in April 2010 and the Clear 330 and 220 Fusion were both launched in Summer 2011.  The Fusion range is suitable for people with a moderate to severe hearing loss.


The Clear 440 Fusion is a premium hearing aid and has the benefit of 15 channels and 5 programs.  Clear 330 Fusion has 10 channels and 4 programs while the Clear 220 Fusion has 5 channels and 3 programs.  It also encompasses many additional features such as HD locator which gives better hearing when in noise, IE Tru Sound Compression which helps to locate the voice you are listening to when in a crowd - and that is just a little of what this hearing aid can do.


In nature a persons 2 ears work together.  The Clear Fusion range incorporates wireless connectivity and InterEar function which means that for binaural hearing aid wearers the 2 hearing aids actually communicate with each other! for example if the wearer was to remove one hearing aid they would hear recorded speech in the other hearing aid telling them that one hearing aid had been disconnected.  With wireless connectivity binaural hearing aids communicate with each other 21 times per second.  Another advantage of wireless connectivity is that the hearing aids adjust instantly to changes in the listening environment for example when going from a quiet room to a room where there is lots of noise.


An impressive feature of the Clear Fusion range is the Audibility Extender which takes sounds that the user cannot normally hear and reproduces them into an area which is audible.


There are also assisted listening devices available (called DEX) that can be combined with your hearing aids which enables the user to listen to music, mobile telephone or TV much more clearly by beaming the sound direct to the hearing aids therefore helping to cut out other background noise.  A remote control also allows the wearer to control their hearing aids at the touch of a button!.


Clear FreeFocus technology enables the wearer to hear sounds coming from selected directions without having to move your head. This can be particularly useful in situations such as when sitting side by side to someone.


With tinnitus being a problem for many people, Clear Fusion has available a feature called Zen which uses hatmonic sounds and tunes to help the wearer control their tinnitus symptoms.


For the fashion conscious the Clear Fusion is available in an exciting range of colours.


In summary the Widex Clear Fusion is an impressive range of hearing aids containing the very latest in technology.  Whether your hearing loss is mild or severe there is a model to fit your loss.


If you would like to know more about the Clear Fusion contact our advisers and we will be pleased to answer your questions

Author: Paul Harrison

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