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Widex Passion 110 Hearing Aids & Reviews

Passion 110

A mid technology level hearing aid with some good features.The Passion 110 is a receiver in the canal hearing aid and has the advantage of 10 channels and 2 programmes.

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Please note that the Passion 110 has now been superseded and is listed for insurance purposes. For the equivalent hearing aid please see the Widex Clear 330.

The Passion range of hearing aids is available in 4 levels of technology, the Passion 440 (high end technology range), Passion 115 (high end technology range, Passion 110 (mid level technology range and Passion 105 (entry level technology range). The housing of the Passion hearing aid is very small indeed which gives an excellent level of discretion, style and comfort.

The Passion 110 is manufactured by Widex and comes as a receiver in the ear instrument suitable for people who have from a minimal through to a severe hearing loss.

The Passion 110 is a receiver in the canal hearing aid and has the advantage of 10 channels and 2 programmes and is a mid level technology level hearing aid.

Integrated Signal Processing technology in the Passion 110 controls and coordinates the hearing aid during changes in the listening environment, for example when going from a quiet environment to a noisy environment. The feedback canceller minimises feedback and feedback whistling.

The receiver on the hearing instrument is protected by the nano care wax protection system.

A remote control is also available to purchase with the Passion 110 giving the wearer full control of the hearing aid at the touch of a button.

Eco Tech technology means that the hearing aid only uses power when in active use therefore extending the battery life of the instrument.

The Passion 110 is available in an exciting selection of colours for you to choose from.

In summary the Passion 110 is a mid technology level hearing aid with some good features. The Widex Passion 110 gives excellent sound quality whatever the individual listening environment.

For a Widex Passion hearing aid with additional features you may consider the Widex Passion 440 or Widex Passion 115, however, if you are looking for a lower budget hearing aid then you may wish to look at the Widex Passion 105.

If you would like to discover more about the Passion 110 contact our advisers who will be pleased to answer your questions.

Author: Paul Harrison

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