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Widex Unique 110 Hearing Aids & Reviews

Unique 110 Passion / Fusion / ITE

Price for one - £795 | Price for a pair - £1495
Released in October 2015. This aid replaced the previous Dream 110.

Technology rating

High Street Price £1500

Our price £795

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July 2016 update - The Widex Unique range has now been fully reviewed. Please scroll down to "Widex Unique - reviews by audiologists"  for further details.

An entry level hearing aid from Widex. 

Main features

Sound Processing

The Unique 110 has four channels which is fairly standard for an entry level aid. It doesn't adjust itself automatically as well as the dearer models so if you go into a noisier environment you may want to adjust the aid to reduce the background noise using one of the three manual programs available.

Background noise reduction

Background noise reduction on the 110 is quite basic so if you go into environments with a lot of background noise on a regular basis, such as restaurants or supermarkets then you are likely to pick up unwanted sounds which may make it difficult to hear speech in these environments. 

Soft sound amplification

The 110 still benefits from the extended range of hearing that the more expensive models have and the soft sound noise reduction feature is also present. This means that you can pick up the soft sounds you want to whilst the aid prevents you from hearing the unwanted ones.


When it comes to accessories, the Unique 110 has all of the same options as the more advanced models and you may actually benefit more from the TV and phone streaming as this helps to make up for the more basic 110 model's deficiencies.


The full range of models is available in the Unique range from the smallest CIC to the larger power BTE's. Even the smaller aids are suitable for up to severe hearing losses. Here's what they look like.

unique range

widex reviews 1

widex reviews 2

widex reviews 3

Author: David Roberts

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