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Oticon launch their new Alta Range of Hearing Aids

Date: Thursday 30th May, 2013

Not to be outdone by their competitors, Oticon have become one of the latest manufacturers to release a new hearing aid that offers even better hearing through new platform technology. Their latest offering is called the Alta and comes with the choice of two technology levels, the Alta or Alta Pro.

These hearing aids are equipped with Oticon’s latest Inium platform technology which promises faster sound processing leading to a much better sound quality.

Although the Alta only offers two technology levels, you are given the choice of several different styles including RITE (Receiver In The Ear), BTE (Behind The Ear) and custom ITE (In The Ear) models. If you are not afraid to show off your hearing aids, these models are also available in a range of colours allowing you to display your own unique style.

Despite having the two technology levels, there really isn’t that much difference between the Alta and Alta Pro. Unusually, the two levels have the same number of sound processing channels (10 each) and don’t differ substantially when it comes to features either.

Having said that, one of the latest advancements in hearing aids is binaural sound technology which is what sets the Alta Pro apart from the Alta. It has some new features that give an even better quality of sound by getting your hearing aids to actually communicate with each other.

Spatial Sound Premium allows you to hear exactly where sounds are coming from. By working together, the hearing aids detect the direction of the sound you want to hear and then make it even clearer by blocking out any unwanted background noise.

Advanced Noise Management works alongside the above feature to further suppress background noise giving you the best sound quality possible.

If you have worn Oticon hearing aids in the past you will certainly recognise the other features in this range. For those new to Oticon, get ready to hear things you may have previously struggled with.

Speechguard E is there to manage your hearing aid’s signal processing which helps to ensure conversations sound natural.

YouMatic is a feature that allows you to truly personalise your listening experience. It gives you control over things like noise management, sound compression and even microphone directionality.

Feedback Shield does what the name suggests. With this feature you can say goodbye to those irritating whistling noises that may have been a nuisance in the past.

Oticon have even added nanotechnology to these hearing aids. Not quite as science fiction as it sounds, this technology has allowed them to increase the life of your hearing aids. They have done this by creating a coating that acts a barrier against potentially harmful substances like dirt, sweat or wax. This coating does not simply protect the outer shell of the instruments, it has been applied to the key components inside.

Like many of the advanced hearing aids available today, the Alta and Alta Pro are both fully wireless compatible, giving you connection to a range of devices that may have previously created an issue. Using a handy streamer that sits comfortably and conveniently around the neck, you can have the sound from different devices sent to your hearing aids. Ever argued with anyone over the TV volume? Oticon have solved that problem with the Connectline TV accessory. This device sends the sound directly into your hearing aids via the streamer allowing you to then easily control the volume.

The same can be done with your landline or mobile phone and there is also an accessory that allows you to enjoy normal conversations in even the more demanding listening environments. The streamer also doubles as a handy remote control for the hearing aids. If this kind of technology is for you then take a look at Oticon’s Connectline accessory range for the full list of available products.

This range may not have as many level options as some of the other hearing aids that have been launched recently but it still delivers the same innovative new advancements in technology. Oticon advertise this aid as being ‘Shaped for the sound of your life’ as with the help of a professional hearing aid audiologist you can have the Alta programmed to do exactly what your hearing loss requires. This means you will get the absolute best out of your hearing aids and a truly personal listening experience.



Author: Paul Harrison

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