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Phonak launch their new Q Range of Hearing Aids

Date: Tuesday 14th May, 2013

By launching their new Quest platform technology, Phonak have not simply released a new model or range but created an entirely new portfolio of hearing aids. By applying this technology to both well-known products and completely new ones, Phonak now offer a range of some of the most advanced hearing aids available today.

This new Quest sound processing technology has led to the introduction of Phonak’s new Binaural VoiceStream features which work by getting your hearing aids to share information by wirelessly communicating with each other.

We’ll get back to the features later, first let’s go through the many products that are now available to you with this advanced technology.

Bolero Q

This is the BTE (Behind The Ear) option and is available in three technology levels Q90, Q70 and Q50.


Virto Q

The Virto covers the full range of ITE (In The Ear) hearing aids including the tiny Virto Nano which is an IIC (Invisible In Canal) model. They are also available as Q90, Q70 and Q50.


The Bolero Q and Virto Q hearing aids have replaced the Ambra, Solana and Cassia.


Audeo Q

This is Phonak’s range of RIC (Receiver In Canal) hearing aids. It is available in three style variations and four technology levels, Q90, Q70, Q50 and Q30. This has replaced the previous Audeo S range.


Naida Q

For those who need a little something extra to manage their hearing loss this is a range of power hearing aids that provide that extra boost. It is also available in four technology levels, Q90, Q70, Q50 and Q30. The Naida Q replaced the Naida S.


All of the above models come with a wide selection of colours to choose from, with some models offering discreet hair and skin tone options.


We mentioned Phonak’s new Binaural VoiceStream earlier, this is the technology that allows your hearing aids to work together to produce a better quality of hearing. Within this technology are some new features that are not available on any previous Phonak models.


Speech In Wind is an example of this new binaural technology. As you would imagine, this feature helps you to hear speech clearly even in windy situations. In fact, your hearing aids actually detect which ear is receiving the clearer signal and stream that signal across to the other side.

Auto StereoZoom uses this binaural technology to focus on the speech sounds you want to hear and then make them clearer by blocking out any unwanted noises.

Along with these new ones are many of Phonak’s signature features such as the ‘block’ features. These include Noiseblock, Whistleblock, Windblock and Echoblock which are all designed to keep out those irritating or unwanted sounds that you don’t want to hear, making sure you always have a comfortable and clear listening experience.

With up to 20 sound processing channels available, you can make sure that any one of these hearing aids is tuned specifically to manage your individual hearing loss, ensuring you receive the best sound quality possible.

If you are one of the unlucky people who suffer with the annoying symptoms of tinnitus then there is a product in this range designed specifically for you. The Audeo Q features Phonak’s new Tinnitus Sound Balance Generator which produces a range of tones that will distract your attention away from the awful ringing noises that can affect not only your daily life but sleep patterns as well. With access to their Tinnitus Balance App as well, you can choose the tones that work best for you from a huge library of choices.

Everyone wants everything to be connected these days. Mobile phone to laptop, laptop to TV, TV to sound system etc. This now applies to hearing aids as well. Thanks to Phonak’s range of wireless accessories, most models in the Q range can be paired with the different devices you use every day. 

With the aid of a convenient streamer that is worn comfortably around the neck, you can have the sound from your TV, mobile phone and even another person’s voice sent directly to your hearing aids. From there you can adjust volume levels, meaning no more arguments or the frustration of only catching parts of a conversation. For people who need even more connectivity, there are also accessories that allow you to connect to Mp3 players and even games consoles.


The Phonak Q range features cutting edge technology along with sleek and attractive designs to suit all different requirements and tastes. This technology firmly establishes Phonak as one of the top hearing aid manufacturers around today.





Author: Paul Harrison

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