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Widex launch their new Dream Range of Hearing Aids

Date: Monday 4th February, 2013

With the launch of the Dream range, Widex have once again proven why they are one of the leading names in hearing aid manufacture. This new range is even sleeker in design and offers a vast range of benefits with the introduction of new binaural features. They advertise this product as having True To Life sound, promising the most natural sounding hearing instrument to date.

Does this product deliver this? Absolutely! With Widex’s new True ISP platform technology you receive much faster sound processing which leads to an overall better quality of hearing. These hearing aids also have True Input technology which widens the range of input and helps to maintain a more natural sound quality.

They have also strived to make your hearing instruments more personal and more accessible for the user themselves. They have done this by launching MY.WIDEX.COM. With this website, the individual user can access information about their hearing aids and therefore ensure that they are getting the best possible results. This includes details of the hearing aids, the technology and features as well as personal information such as audiogram results.

The previous Clear range offered you the choice of three technology levels, the 440, 330 or 220. The Dream has gone one better and added the 110 which is a more basic option giving you much of the Dream technology in a lower cost alternative.

You are also given a variety of choices when it comes to cosmetic appearance as the Dream range is available in six different styles from BTE (Behind The Ear) to a small CIC (Completely In Canal). With the ability to manage hearing losses up to severe/profound and with all these technology levels and styles to choose from there is something in the Dream range to suit almost everyone.

So what makes these hearing aids so special? We’ve mentioned the new True ISP sound platform but that is simply the heart of Widex’s new technology. Contained within this is an array of innovative and truly advanced features that have been designed to make your hearing experience comfortable, natural and tailored specifically for you.

When it comes to the number of channels, Widex have opted to keep this the same as the Clear range with the 440 having 15 channels, the 330 having 10 and the 220 having 5. As the new 110 is essentially a basic hearing aid it has been equipped with only 3 sound processing channels.

Now let’s talk features. The Dream range is packed full of the ones we have come to know and love from Widex as well as a number of fantastic new ones that are only available in this range. The main three new features are all described as being ‘personal’, indicating that they are more tailored to each individual wearer.

Personal Audibility Extender has been added to enhance the higher frequency sounds that many hearing aid users struggle with.

Personal Acclimatisation allows the wearer to control both the level and pace of the hearing aid’s acclimatisation

Personal Zen is a programme that has been designed specifically for people who also suffer from tinnitus. Using a variety of harmonic sounds and tones, this feature can help to relieve those annoying symptoms.

Obviously the more advanced models in the range will contain more features but each technology level has its own set and it all depends on your own personal preferences or requirements as to which level is right for you. Having said that, all models in the Dream range come with features such as the Speech Enhancer which, as the name suggests, enhances the speech sounds making them feel clearer and more natural. To coincide with this there is also a Noise Reduction feature that helps to suppress the unwanted background noise that can often drown out speech and reduce your quality of hearing.

As if all this were not enough, the Dream range is also fully wireless compatible. This means that you can get all the gadgets and gizmos necessary to connect your hearing aids to all the different devices you use on a daily basis. Your TV, landline or mobile phone can all be connected to your hearing aids putting an end to arguments, misunderstandings and the general frustration of not being able to enjoy things normally. The Widex range of wireless accessories is known as the DEX range and has devices for all the things mentioned above as well as a handy remote control in case you find the buttons on your aids a little too fiddly.

Whether you are new to hearing aids or a long time user you will notice the benefits of these hearing aids straight away. The clarity and natural feel of the sound is excellent and you will hear all of the sounds that may have previously been out of your range. With the Widex Dream you can be confident of a ‘True To Life’ listening experience in whatever environment or situation you find yourself in.

Author: Paul Harrison

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