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Widex launch Unique hearing aid range

Date: Saturday 17th October, 2015

unique outdoors

Widex Unique is here

After a rather long wait, Widex have now released their newest range of hearing aids the "Unique" and this is a little more exciting than the average new product release.

Widex have a notoriously slow development cycle. Most manufacturers bring new aids out every 18 months or so but it has been almost three years since we last saw anything new from Widex. This is exciting news for the many Widex fans out there who prefer the "Widex sound" which is quite different to that of all other hearing aid manufacturers.

Why does it all look so outdoorsy?

Many of Widex's promotional images for the Unique are similar to the one above. At first glance this seems quite odd as I'm happy to risk a sweeping statement and say that the average hearing aid wearer isn't mountain biking hundreds of miles from civilisation or sledding through the arctic.


The reasoning behind this is that hearing well in nature is a big selling point for this new range. The Unique has industry leading wind noise reduction and according to a survey, wind noise is the "second worst listening situation" for most hearing aid users. In addition they have extended the range of sounds these new aids can pick up. This increased dynamic range means that you will hear the quiet, subtle sounds better than ever before. "My Widex helped me hear a King Cobra's hiss" said explorer Colonel John Blashford-Snell apparently. A useful feature for us all I'm sure you would agree.

Model names explained

Like many manufacturers Widex have a fairly un-intuitive way of naming their hearing aids. Here we help to decipher what's what.

An example -  "Widex Unique Fusion 330 312 BTE"

The number. This is the most important bit as it relates to the technology inside and that is what determines the price. 440 is the top of the range, 330 is upper mid-range, 220 is lower mid-range and 110 is entry level (the most basic)

The range. The current range is the Unique. These are the ones you want. Anything else such as Dream, Mind, Clear, Menu. These are all older ranges that have now been superseded.

The style. Fusion, Passion, Fashion. These all relate to the physical appearance of the device. The Passion is the tiny discreet one. The Fusion is a bit larger and has some manual controls on the back. The Fashion is the largest and can be used with a traditional earmold. The latter two are better suited to severe to profound losses.

The rest. BTE stands for "behind the ear" 312 is simply the battery the aid takes. It might also have been 10 which is the smallest battery or 13 which is the largest used by non-superpower aids. 312 is the middle sized one and is the most common.

For full details of the aids in this hearing aid range, click on these links;

Widex Unique 440

Widex Unique 330

Widex Unique 220

Widex Unique 110


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Technical details explained

Widex have produced a series of video's explaining the technical details of what the Widex Unique can do. These are aimed at audiologists and other industry professionals but I have included them here for those of you who would like a wider understanding of the benefits of Unique.

Sound Class Technology

A/D Converters

Wind Noise Reduction


Author: David Roberts

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