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Widex Dream CROS Hearing Aids & Reviews

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The Widex Unique CROS has been delayed and will not be available in the near future. The older Dream CROS is currently the only model available from Widex

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The Widex Dream Cros is designed for people with single sided deafness.

The problem for many people who are deaf in one ear is that, despite having normal hearing in the other ear, it is still difficult or impossible to hear people if they are standing on the wrong side when they are speaking. It also makes it difficult to join in group conversations and hear voices in a crowd. Working out where sounds are coming from can be especially difficult.

If the hearing thresholds on the deaf side are very low a conventional hearing aid may not help. It can even make the problem worse by creating echoes and sound distortion.

The solution for single sided deafness from Widex is their CROS hearing aid system. With this system, two hearing aids are worn. One hearing aid is worn in the person’s deaf ear. It contains a microphone and wireless transmitter which sends the sound to the aid worn on the hearing side. The second hearing aid doesn’t contain a microphone, just a receiver which allows the wearer to hear the sound from the deaf side without interfering with the volume of sound they can hear naturally from that side.

For people who are deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other, the BICROS system can be used. This works in the same way, but both hearing aids contain microphones, giving better amplification to compensate for the loss of hearing on the better side.

The WidexLink wireless technology ensures that both hearing aids work together and reduce the effects of echoes without any sound distortion. This allows the wearer to seamlessly hear sound from both sides at the same time. The benefits from this include being able to join in group conversations, not missing out on what someone is saying because they are on the ‘wrong’ side.

Being able to hear sound from all around you gives you more confidence when you are out in public or in social situations. Better awareness of sound direction helps you to find someone calling you and improves your safety when crossing roads.

The Cros and BiCros hearing aids look like the conventional behind the ear hearing aids in the Dream Fashion range. They can be paired with any of the behind the ear hearing aids in the Dream range allowing you to benefit from a range of technology and program options.

The Dream range uses new technology to enhance speech and conversation sounds, helping you to hear better in environments with lots of background noise. This includes difficult listening situations such as meetings and work environments, public places, shopping centres, social events including family dinners and parties.

The speech enhancement program helps you to focus on speech in noisy environments by enhancing the clearest speech sound. The directional microphones help you to pick up the speech sounds from different directions helping you to hear more clearly in group conversations or if someone behind you is trying to get your attention.

It can also soften the effects of sudden loud sounds, making your hearing more comfortable.

The feedback cancellation program recognises and removes the annoying feedback sounds before you are aware of them.

By processing the sound frequencies they help you to hear a wider range of sound. It does this by bringing hard to hear, high pitched sounds within your hearing range without distorting other sounds around you.

The tinnitus program can be customised to your own needs to help relieve the ringing and buzzing symptoms.

They are fully compatible with Widex’s range of listening accessories so you can stream sound wirelessly from your television or mobile phone as well as your landline, directly to your hearing aids.

Author: Paul Harrison

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