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  • Opn 3 miniRITE

Opn3 miniRITE - Price for one - £1095 | Price for a pair - £2095

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High Street Price £2000

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Opn™3 is the mid-range addition to the Opn™ family.

June 2017 update - The range has been expanded. There are now new rechargeable options, additional "Tinnitus SoundSupport" software as standard to help to relieve tinnitus and "power plus" models for the severe to profoundly deaf.

 Jan 2017 Update - The "Just one new hearing aid" statement below is now incorrect, 6 months after the Opn1 came out they have brought out two lower specced versions, the Opn2 and Opn3

By choosing to go with Opn 3, rather than the more advanced versions; you still receive all the key features which are mentioned on Opn 1, however the more advanced hearing aids come with an advanced price tag. The Opn 3 is cost-effective yet still advanced, just not to the extent of the latter models.
The Opn 3 contains a level three OpenSound Navigator™, 48 processing channels and a YouMatic™ LX configuration, with a reduced level of control compared to the Opn 1 and Opn 2. 

The feature which does not change regardless of the model, is the connectivity and level of technology this hearing aid offers.  Audiologists are recommending this hearing aid based on the ground-breaking technology of wireless cabability. The ability to turn your hearing aids into virtual wireless headphones and being able to stream any conversation on any mobile device directly into your hearing aids is a must-have for clients. 

What if your gadget doesn't have wireless ability?
The ConnectClip can be used with phones or devices which do not support direct streaming, such as the more traditional models of mobile phones. The ConnectClip connects to the hearing aids via Bluetooth. There are then two options for the ConnectClip.
- Phone Adapter: this connects the hearing aid to traditional mobile phones which do not support wireless streaming, making the compatibility limitless.
- USB Adapter: this truely is the 'wow' factor...skyping someone through your hearing aids is now possible! The USB adapter can be plugged into gadgets such as a PC to extend the possibilites.

What it looks like

Update - the new models are illustrated below. From left to right, the standard miniRITE, the RITE-T (bigger, has a telecoil), Power Plus BTE


Colour Options

opn range


Author: David Roberts

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