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Phonak Audeo Life P50 Hearing Aids

  • Audeo Life P50  /  P50-RL

Price Each £1445 | Price Pair £2595

Behind the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC

4 Year Warranty Included.

Technology rating

Our price £1445

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Details & Features

Phonak Audeo Paradise P50 Hearing Aids  /  P-RL

Available in:  RIC 

The Phonak Audeo Life P50 hearing aids offer a standard level of technology in this hearing aid range.  To read more about the top performance level and the full feature set available, click here to read about the Audeo Life P90

Here are a few features that you miss when compared to the P90:

    1. Comfort in Echo:  Recognising the reverberation frequencies and the offers the correct gain reduction with less distortion - so your speech will become more comfortable.
    2. Speech in Car:  Reducing broadband noise in your car to offer a more stable listening experience and improved communication as well as reduced listening effort.
    3. Speech in Loud Noise:  Focusing on the speech in front of you, the narrow beamformer provides an increase in speech intelligibility and listening comfort in a noisy environment.
    4. Dynamic Noise Cancellation: A suppression system that gives you better noise reduction in challenging environments, which you can manage through the app or leave set at automatic. There is also a signal-to-noise ratio 4dB boost when needed.  This is ideal if you need a boost in difficult environments, so your hearing aids would assist you more effectively.
    5. Speech Enhancer:   Ensuring your hearing aids react quicker to the complexities of loud sounds as well as providing more comfort - assisting those who find it challenging to hear soft speech.
    6. EchoBlock:  Improving listening experience in reverberant environments like conferences.
    7. Tap Control:  This is only available with the P90.
    8. Speech in 360 degrees:  This automatically improves speech intelligibility by determining the direction of speech without the need to face the speaker.

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Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

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