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Phonak Audeo Paradise P50 Hearing Aids

  • Phonak Audeo Paradise P50

Price Each £1395 | Price Pair £2495

Behind the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC, P, UP
5 Year Warranty Included. Rechargeable version an additional £50 per aid

Technology rating

Our price £1395

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Phonak Audeo Paradise P50 Hearing Aids

Including Styles: RIC, P, UP

Technology Level: Essential

Including Styles: P 312 / P 13T / P R / P RT

Introduction to Phonak Audeo Paradise P50 Hearing Aids

Winter 2021 Update:  The ActiveVent receiver was launched.  It is an innovative speaker technology offering automatic adjustments and 'switching vent' capability. Created to give the wearer a more natural own voice as well as enhancing their listening experiences.

Summer 2021 Update:  The Paradise hearing aid range now includes the Naida model in P rechargeable and UP.

In August 2020, Phonak launched the Audeo Paradise hearing aid range with advanced technology to improve sound quality, functionality, connectivity and personalisation wherever you are.  The Phonak Paradise supersedes the Phonak Marvel range (apart from the Virto Black and Naida).

Paradise Audeo P50 Hearing Aid's Main Features

Sound Quality:  Using the Adaptive Phonak Digital (APD) 2.0 you are able to balance audibility, the level of sound and the quality you hear it.  It does this by using a new processing algorithm and precalculation strategies.  Ensuring a great 'first-fit' experience that is comfortable and natural.

Personalisation:  Using AutoSense OS 4.0 you can now get a more personalised listening experience with the right mix of sound processing features for your unique needs - that suits your lifestyle and communication expectations.

Phonak Audeo Paradise P50 Hearing Aid's Main Features

  • PRISM:  A new processing chip that has double the memory of the last chip in the Marvel range - giving you more connectivity options and lower power consumption.
  • myPhonak 4.0: Gives you Hearing Diary 2.0 - so you can manage and undergo personal tasks and educate yourself about your hearing aid and what it can do for you.
  • Client Dashboard 2.0:  An online dashboard to record your feedback, so your audiologist can adjust, set goals for your hearing needs.
  • Advanced Bluetooth Technology:  There are now eight Bluetooth-enabled devices that can be paired with your Paradise hearing aids and two devices can be used at the same time.  Offering an even better Made for Any Phone hearing aid.
  • Motion Sensor Hearing:  Detects whether you are moving or not and adapts the way you hear sound and what you want to focus on, so you always benefit from clear and understandable speech.

Phonak Audeo Paradise P50 Hearing Aid's Additional Notes

  1. If the Speech Enhancer, Tap Control and Dynamic Noise Cancellation features are important to you - you can only get all these in the P90 model, however, you can get the Tap Control in the P70.  View the Paradise P90 here
  2. You can only benefit from the Motion Sensors in the rechargeable version of the P50.
  3. All technical specifications are compatible with Roger.

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**Please note, there will be an additional surcharge of £125 if we are pairing a single hearing aid with an existing aid bought from another company where we are taking over the aftercare responsibilities and looking after both hearing aids**

Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

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