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Enya 3 Hearing Aids & Reviews

  • Enya 3

Price for one - £695 | Price for a pair - £1295
This aid has a 5 year warranty

Technology rating

High Street Price £1000

Our price £695

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The Enya 3 is the middle aid in the budget range. It misses out on the wireless features of the Enya 4 but retains the majority of the other features. This makes it an particularly good option for people who only need one hearing aid as they don't need their aids to communicate with each other anyway.

resound cic

Model List

All shapes and sizes are available for the whole Enya range. The Enya CIC, Enya ITC and Enya ITE are the custom "in the ear" models and range from the standard power aids up to ultra-power variants. There are also the full range of behind the ear models including the Enya RIE 62, 67 Mini-BTE, 77 BTE and 88 Power BTE. The BTE's have a flexible fitting so can be used with slim tubes or a full earmold.

Pictured is the smallest, the CIC.

Core features

Compared to other aids in this price range, the Enya 3 has a lot to offer. It is a fully automatic aid with Softswitching which means that it adapts to your environment in a smooth and seamless way. Combined with the Noisetracker 2 and Adaptive Directionality features this gives you better than expected hearing in up to moderately noisy environments. If you are in a windy location, Windguard helps to suppress the gusting sounds you can get in the aids and whistling is prevented by the robust DFS Ultra 2 feedback blocker.

8 Warp Channels 

As an 8 channel aid you can expect good sound fidelity. The more channels you have, the better the aid can reflect your hearing loss.

Tinnitus sound generator

To make the best use of the tinnitus masking features of the Enya you will probably want to get the Phone Clip+ accessory as well as you can't use the Resound Relief app without it.

unite accessories


The whole range of Resound Unite accessories are compatible with the Enya 3. Clockwise we have the Remote Control, TV Streamer, Phone Clip+ and Mini Microphone.



Author: David Roberts

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