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LiNX2 5 Hearing Aids & Reviews

LiNX2 5

Price for one - £1095 | Price for a pair - £1795
This aid has a 5 year warranty
The Resound LiNX2 5 was launched in April 2015 and has since been superseded.

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High Street Price £1500

Our price £1095

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July 2016 update - the Resound Linx2 range has now been fully reviewed. Please scroll down to "Resound Linx2 - Reviews by audiologists" for more details.

ReSound LiNX2 5 is an advanced hearing aid ideal for your people who are sociable, but are mostly active in less noisy environments. The LiNX2 5 is an advanced hearing aid ideal for your people who are sociable, but are mostly active in less noisy environments. It supersedes the LiNX 5. It uses the newest version of ReSound’s dual-core Coyote 4.5 processing chip which assigns one processor to deal with the sound processing and the other to wireless functionality. The gives the LiNX2 5 twice the processing power of the previous generation of chips but without additional battery consumption. The original LiNX was available only in behind the ear models, whilst this version has the full range of styles.


9 Warp Channels 

Generally the more sound processing channels your hearing aid has, the more accurately it can be programmed for your hearing loss. The idea is to replicate what your inner ear should be doing and around 17 or 18 channels is considered to be the optimum number so having many more may not provide further improvement.

Binaural Directionality II 

When background noise levels rise, the hearing aids will zoom your hearing to the front to help you to hear speech sounds from in front of you.

Noise Tracker II

This improves your comfort in noisy situations without making it harder to understand speech. The LiNX2 5 has relatively basic noise reduction compared to the LiNX2 9 and the LiNX2 7

Sound Shaper

If there are high frequency sounds that you can no longer hear due to cochlear dead regions they can be shifted down the frequency spectrum to a range where you can hear. This improves the how well you hear important speech cues that would otherwise have been lost.

Music Mode

Music Mode gives you a clearer, richer, distortion-free music experience.

Tinnitus Sound Generator and Nature Sounds

Choose from tinnitus therapy sounds, new Nature Sounds, or your preferred sound streamed directly to your hearing aids. The ReSound Relief and ReSound Smart apps provide even more options for managing your tinnitus. This helps to break the “cycle” and provides relief from tinnitus by diverting attention away from it with a range of soothing background sounds.

Made for iPhone

Unlike its predecessor the LiNX 5, the LiNX2 5 is fully compatible with the Smart app enabling it to communicate with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and the new Apple Watch using the app which you can download. This means you can stream stereo sound directly to your hearing aids as if you were wearing wireless headphones. You can access voice calls, FaceTime, music, movies, spoken directions, information and any other audio from your iPhone/iPad.

Unlike many other hearing aids, this lets you connect directly from your device to the hearing aid without using intermediary devices, although they are also compatible with the whole range of ReSound Unite wireless accessories. You can discreetly adjust the volume, bass or treble using the app whilst Geotag helps the aid to remember what settings you preferred for any particular location so that you can set the aid to work in the same way next time you visit that area. You can even use the app to help find your LiNX2 5 hearing aids if you misplace them.


If you are interested in this type of technology but would like to take full advantage of the new features available then you may want to try the LiNX2 9 and the LiNX2 7


The LiNX2 5 comes in a variety of styles, as pictured below.

IIC: non-wireless (invisible-in-canal)

CIC: non-wireless (completely-in-canal)

ITC: wireless Made for iPhone (in-the-canal)

ITE: wireless Made for iPhone (in-the-ear) with telecoil

MIH-S: non-wireless (small microphone-in-helix)

MIH: wireless Made for iPhone (microphone-in-helix) with telecoil

RIE 61: wireless Made for iPhone (receiver-in-ear) with push button

RIE 62: wireless Made for iPhone (receiver-in-ear) with volume control and telecoil

BTE 77: wireless Made for iPhone (sound-tube BTE or standard BTE) with push button, volume control and telecoil

BTE 88: wireless high-power Made for iPhone (standard BTE) with push button, volume control and telecoil


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Author: David Roberts

Key Features

  • The new look LiNX2

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