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Starkey Livio Edge AI 2400 Hearing Aids

Starkey Livio Edge AI 2400

Price Each £1795 | Price Pair £3295

Behind the Ear & In the Ear
Fitting Styles: BTE, RIC, ITE, ITC
Rechargeable models are an additional £100 per aid
5 Year Warranty Included

Technology rating

Our price £1795

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Details & Features 

Starkey Livio Edge AI 2400 Hearing Aids

Available in:  BTE, RIC, ITE, ITC        

2024 Update:  This range is now discontinued, view the more advanced range here

The hearing aid that launched a revolution is one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Best Inventions of 2019. Livio AI, the world’s first Healthable hearing aid with artificial intelligence and embedded sensors, addresses the deep connection between hearing health and overall health. Livio Edge AI is built on this technology.

Meet the world’s first custom rechargeable hearing aids. Custom means the hearing aid is custom moulded to fit your unique ear canal comfortably and securely. Multiple colour options allow you to be discreet or show off your new in-ear device.

Built-in Artificial Intelligence

Livio Edge AI gives you an edge over other hearing aids with powerful artificial intelligence in every device.

Game-changing Sound with Edge Mode

AI technology makes getting help in the most difficult listening environments easy, with just a tap.

Personalised Power

The world’s first custom-moulded rechargeable hearing aids give you discreet, comfortable and convenient options.

Main Features

Body Tracking:  Staying active is key to staying healthy. Tracking steps and movement has been shown to inspire continuing or increasing activity.

Brain Tracking:  A healthy social life can reduce stress and prevent depression, leading to better brain health. Monitoring hearing aid use and engagement can encourage more social interaction.

Fall Detection and Alerts:  Designed to help you stay independent, falls can be detected and alert messages sent to selected contacts.

Thrive:  The Thrive Hearing Control app works seamlessly with Livio Edge AI to give you complete control of your hearing aids. Change settings easily, quickly adjust volume, create customized memories and stream music or phone calls with the touch of a button.

Thrive Care:  With Thrive Care, you can share helpful information like your physical activity, hearing aid usage, and social engagement with pre-selected people. You decide what to share from your Thrive Hearing Control app. Exclusive to Livio Edge AI hearing aids.

Thrive Assistant:  Use voice commands to get quick answers to questions, set reminders and control your hearing aids.

Reminders:  Get in-ear and on-screen notifications for tasks like taking medications.

Translate:  Instantly hear speech translated into your language right in your hearing aids.


**Please note, there will be an additional surcharge of £125 if we are pairing a single hearing aid with an existing aid bought from another company where we are taking over the aftercare responsibilities and looking after both hearing aids**

What does it look like

Author: Paul Harrison

Key Features

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