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Which hearing aids are available on NHS?


I have always paid my National Insurance Contributions and since I have NHS, someone told me that I might be able to use that cover to get some new hearing aids. I know usually NHS only lets you choose from certain doctors and only offers a limited selection of services and products. I am wondering if this is true of hearing aids. I don’t want to be stuck with the worst out there, but still I would rather have the cost covered by NHS if possible. Do you have a list that shows which hearing aids are available on NHS?


The specific models provided by the NHS varies from region to region. It also changes regularly so if I were to list models by area then this list may be out of date before I’ve finished this sentence. You won’t be offered a choice of hearing aids it really is a postcode lottery. All I can say is that they are of a reasonable standard and are much better than they were in the early 90s. They are not the best available as these are only available privately and do not incorporate wireless technology. I would strongly recommend you get hearing aids from the NHS and see how you get on. If you want better technology or better cosmetics then that’s where we come in so feel free to contact us then. 

Date: Tuesday 19th February, 2013

Published in: Hearing Aid Questions

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