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Phonak Audeo Fit Lumity L90 Hearing Aids

  • Phonak Audeo Fit Lumity L90

Price Each £1845 | Price Pair £3345
Behind the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC
5 Year Warranty Included.

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Our price £1845

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Phonak Audeo Fit Lumity L70 hearing aids Overview

Phonak Audeo Fit Lumity L90 hearing aids introduction

In August 2022, Phonak introduced Audeo Lumity hearing aids, featuring a new operating system and cutting-edge advancements in sound processing technology. We can now introduce the latest addition to the range: the Audeo Lumity Fit.

With two levels of technology, the L90 being the premium in the range, and personalised features to suit your lifestyle, you can engage confidently in conversations and navigate life effortlessly with Phonak.  

Health data tracking of Fit Lumity L90

Lumity Audeo Fit from Phonak stands out as one of their most innovative designs, offering more than just improved hearing, they now introduce a holistic health functionality to your hearing aids too. Nurture healthy habits by monitoring metrics such as steps, activity levels, wearing time, calories burned, and heart rate through the myPhonak app.

Fit Lumity L90's Speech clarity

The next-generation Phonak Lumity processor continues to give clear and natural audio quality – in all situations, delivering heightened clarity especially when handling background noise. Designed with conversation in mind, they focus on allowing you to understand speech more clearly thanks to their unique Phonak SmartSpeech Technology.

Comfort and durability of Audeo Fit Lumity L90

Suitable for wear every day, these smart, discreet hearing aids seamlessly blend contemporary design with cutting-edge hearing performance. The distinctive, ergonomic shape is designed to effortlessly fit behind the ear, sitting comfortably in place – even for those who wear glasses.

Furthermore, they are sweatproof and dust-tight for added durability. 

Fit Lumity L90's Bluetooth connectivity 

Phonak Lumity Fit hearing aids enable hands-free calls on both iPhone and Android platforms and incorporate innovative onboard listening technologies, including motion sensors. The technology also offers tailored sound experiences, intelligently adapting to varying environmental conditions —they are focused when stationary and give a 360-degree listening experience while in motion.

Additionally, tap control allows you to activate various functions of your hearing aid with a simple double tap on the hearing aid or outer ear, making these hearing aids convenient and easy to use, especially on the go.

Smart charging solutions with Fit Lumity L90

Phonak Lumity Fit comes with a range of accessories and smart charging solutions designed with your convenience in mind. The Phonak Charger Ease is a compact charging unit with magnets in its charging slots, for ease of insertion and removal with a USB-C charging port, it also illuminates when power is connected.

Why choose Phonak Audeo Fit Lumity L90?

These hearing aids are at the top of the Phonak Audio Fit Lumity range with the additional benefit of health tracking technology, smart charging solutions, and personalised features they offer the best hearing experience available.

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Author: Paul Harrison

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