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I would just like to say for the record how delighted I am with the whole experience I have had when dealing with your company. Initially I spoke to Marianne one of your audiologists on the phone. She spent a lot of time listening to the problems I have had over the last 10 years and explained all my options. She really understood my problems  and even knew the name of the condition that I have without me telling her. She put me in touch with Jane another one of your audiologists who came to see me and fitted me with 2 Phonak invisible hearing aids. I can honestly say that my life has changed beyond measure and I feel 20 years younger. My husband says its like having a new wife! I have recommended your services to my friend who has had hearing difficulties and she arranged to have a hearing test. Your audiologist diagnosed that she just had wax in both her ears which has now been syringed. How refreshing it is to come across people that do what they say they’re going to do and do it professionally. Please pass this on to your people.

JD Simpson - Chester-le-Street


I just wanted to say thanks very much for the advice you gave to me last week. I didn’t expect that I would have been given such a comprehensive explanation of the differences between the different hearing aids. You guys certainly know what you’re talking about and you explained it in a way that I now understand. I didn’t realise how advanced hearing aids are these days.

A Fellows - Letterkenny


I had a hearing test from another company and they wanted £6000 for a pair of the best hearing aids on the market. I nearly fell off the chair when they told me as I thought my hearing wasn’t that bad. I went on to the internet and found that you were charging £3190 for the same hearing aids. You recommended that I go to one of your shops near Bournemouth which I duly did. He recommended 2 hearing aids that cost £1500 for both of them. They are superb and I can now follow most conversations even if other people are talking at the same time. I am still in shock about how much certain companies charge and get away with. I don’t know who invented the inter net but I’m glad they did as it saved me over for thousand pounds.

F Clarke - Poole


I was terrified at the prospect of having hearing aids as I am only 37 but have been struggling with my hearing for the last 5 years. I called your number and spoke with David and asked him for advice. I was pleased to hear that he was a registered hearing audiologist with many years experience himself. He advised me to go to my doctor who then made an appointment for me to go to the hospital. I was fitted with a hearing aid that I was really embarrassed to wear so I didn’t. I called your office again and asked for Dave to call me back. He discussed my situation and reassured me that there were many cosmetic options available to me. I have now bought an IIC hearing aid from a dispenser that you recommended and nobody knows I’m wearing it. I can now hear on my bad side and don’t have to worry about where I sit or where other people sit in relation to me. I just wish I’d done something before as I now feel normal again. Please thank Dave for his advice and Ben the audiologist who is now looking after me.

Emily J. Swansea


My mother was recommended Widex Passion hearing aids in both ears from another company (who I won’t name). They wanted £3000 for them so I told them I would think about it. I looked online and saw that you did the same hearing aids for £1700. She has now bought them from a dispenser that you recommended to us and she is very very happy with them. They don’t look like hearing aids and I can now speak to her without her looking at me. Thankyou very much.

H Singh – Ruislip



Please could you thank the audiologist who has provided the hearing aids to my father as it has changed his life and that of my mum. His name is XXXXXXX XXXXXX and he is an ex pilot in the RAF. The hearing aids he now has are able to pick up the sound from the TV by Bluetooth so my mum can mute the TV and he can still hear it. He no longer needs to have the subtitles on which were really annoying to my mum. I think your website is really informative.

TRA Horton – Truro


Thank you Paul for your advice today.  I am most appreciative of the time you spent explaining things to me in terms that my meagre intellect could absorb. Your technical knowledge gained from your 15 years in the industry is astounding. I’m not sure how you people make your money as you didn’t try to sell me anything which is unusual these days. I will be purchasing hearing aids when I get back from my holidays and will seek your advice for the right professional for me.

CJ Rawlinson - Bath


 Dear Paul. I have just one thing to say to you………I can hear again!!! When I originally spoke to you I was sceptical about hearing aids and hearing aid companies as I have been bombarded with all manner of junk mail and even people cold calling on the telephone. I called you and you listened to my issues and explained my best course of action. Colin came to see me and was equally helpful. Two weeks ago he supplied me with Resound Verso 7 instruments and I simply cannot believe the difference these tiny little things have made in my life. It’s almost as if someone has taken the cotton wool from out of my ears. Music is richer and I didn’t realise that the birds in the garden could chirp like they do. I went to a function where there were around 50 people in the same bar area – a condition that I would normally hear zero. Lo and behold, I could follow conversations. To be fair, it wasn’t easy but I guess everyone was struggling but at least I could hear the punchline of the jokes! I have tested the difference that these Versos make myself. I have asked someone to read a book from the hallway at normal voice level and I have compared the difference between having the hearing aids in and not in. The difference is that I can hear everything with them in and nothing without them.  When my daughter comes to visit she usually insists on having the television turned down. Can you believe, she actually wanted it turned up from the setting I now have it at! The hearing aids are extremely comfortable and I can forget I’m wearing them. If there are people out there who are like me then they should do something about it. My only regret it that I didn’t do something earlier.

C White - Edinburgh  

Author: Paul Harrison

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