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Widex Beyond 440 Fusion2 hearing aids

Beyond 440 | Fusion2

Price for one - £1595 | Price for a pair - £2695
Released November 2016, this aid superseded the Widex Unique 440 and has now been superseded itself by the Evoke 440

Technology rating

High Street Price £2800

Our price £1595

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widex beyond

The Widex Beyond 440 hearing aid is the new top of the range aid released November 2016.

Widex Beyond 440

The Widex Beyond 440 is a made for iPhone hearing aid that is designed to give you great hearing whilst also effortlessly connecting to the world around you. It is the latest release from Widex and represents the pinnacle of their hearing aid technology. The Widex Beyond 440 has a 2.4GHz Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to efficiently stream audio directly to your hearing aids whilst easily controlling your all aspects of your hearing from your iPhone or iPad.

The real selling point of the Widex Beyond range of hearing aids is the connectivity to the Beyond app. This is designed to put you firmly in charge of your hearing, giving you user-friendly control of more than just volume.

Key Features of the Beyond App

  • Adjust the volume on each of your hearing aids individually.
  • Adjust sound settings for specific situations.
  • Create your own personalised listening preferences.
  • Save settings for favourite locations and occasions, so the next time you are at your favourite restaurant your hearing aids will automatically adjust to you preferred settings for that location.
  • Select the directionality of the microphones.
  • Personalise your app with your own name and pictures.
  • Swipe between screens for easy to use and intuitive navigation.
  • Direct access to help functions and troubleshooting.
  • GPS to help find your hearing aids if you have misplaced them.

The Beyond app is also available for Andriod, however full streaming is not yet supported via the Andriod app, although this can be worked around by using DEX communication solutions.  

Key Features of the Widex Beyond 440

  • 15 Processing Channels – allowing for a better identification and processing of the sound environment.
  • Connectivity to App, Direct Audio Streaming and Tcoils – allowing you an optimum listening experience in nearly all settings.
  • Smartwind Manager – this is purportedly the best wind noise algorithm in the industry. It reduces up to 30% of wind noise whilst allowing you to hear clearly in even the windiest conditions.
  • Water Resistance
  • Battery Life – expect up to 150 hours of life with a size 312 battery.
  • 5 Different Programs – pre-set programs for different situations allow quick and easy adjustment of your hearing aid to these circumstances.
  • Speech Enhancer System – as a result of inter-ear communication between the hearing aids the dominant speaker in noisy situations can be singled out and amplified.
  • Digital Pinna – allowing for more precise front/back localisation of sound.
  • Soft Level Noise Reduction – the identification and reduction of soft level background noise.
  • High Frequency Boost – this allows users with issues hearing certain high frequency sounds to achieve extra amplification at these levels.

The Widex Beyond is also available in 330 and 220 models. Click through to the Widex Beyond 330 and Widex Beyond 220 product pages for more information on these models.

Additional notes

I don't think it would be unfair to say that the Widex Unique range was the least well received range of hearing aids ever reviewed by our audiologists (see here for the Unique 440, scroll down for the reviews). This probably explains why only a year later Widex have launched this new range of aids, their development cycle is usually far longer. 

We are really hoping that they have sorted out the problems of the Unique range, but only time will tell. Once we have feedback from our audiologists we will publish it here.

Here are the colour choices

widex beyond colours

Author: David Roberts

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