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Widex Beyond 440 Fusion2 hearing aids

  • Beyond 440 | Fusion2

Price for one - £1695 | Price for a pair - £2795
Released November 2016, this aid supersedes the Widex Unique 440

Technology rating

High Street Price £2800

Our price £1695

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widex beyond

The Widex Beyond 440 hearing aid is the new top of the range aid released November 2016.

Widex haven't given us the full technical specifications of these aids yet, more details will be added once we have them. 

What we do know

These are "made for iPhone" aids. Widex become the fourth manufacturer, along with Oticon, Resound and Starkey to go down the advanced wireless communications and smartphone compatible route. The "made for iPhone" standard adds useful television and mobile streaming capabilities to the hearing aids as well as giving a higher level of control over the functions of the aids using the smartphone app.

Improved Water resistance.

Increased battery life, even when using streaming.

Comes only in the new Fusion2 shape so far.

They are based on the Widex Unique platform so there is no new chipset. Not necessarily a problem, but that leads us on to..

What we don't know

I don't think it would be unfair to say that the Widex Unique range was the least well received range of hearing aids ever reviewed by our audiologists (see here for the Unique 440, scroll down for the reviews). This probably explains why only a year later Widex have launched this new range of aids, their development cycle is usually far longer. 

We are really hoping that they have sorted out the problems of the Unique range, but only time will tell. Once we have feedback from our audiologists we will publish it here.

Here are the colour choices

widex beyond colours

Author: David Roberts

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